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Question: What Does Dropship Mean?

what does dropship meanThis is a good question; especially if you want to start a home business and are wondering: what does dropship mean, anyway?

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You might have heard the word “dropship” over and over again but are unsure of exactly what it entails. So here goes!

With a home dropship business, you basically act as a middle man between the customer---who is actually buying a product---and the drop shipping supplier who is providing a product, as well as handling all of the packaging, shipping, and other time consuming and costly details for you.

In most cases, the drop ship supplier will use some form of white label branding on the drop shipped products, so that the customer doesn’t know you are not the actual supplier.

Another great thing about a drop ship home business is that it requires little start up cost. This is what entices a lot of people who are dying to break away from a job they despise to look further into this profitable business.

Drop shipping has many benefits, but here are a few of the big ones:

  • No hassle of carrying inventory
  • Once your sale is complete, someone else handles it
  • No tying up cash in inventory
  • Very little start up costs
  • Make your own schedule
  • Thousands of drop shipping products to choose from
  • No payment is required for an item until you sell it
  • Lets you focus on sales, sales and more sales

Your expenses may include nominal membership fees to your wholesale product source. As with any business, research is the key. You'll want to choose a product source that is reputable and also one that offers many products to choose from.

Plus, be sure the product source is giving you genuine wholesale prices or you won’t be able to resell the products for enough to make a hefty profit.

You can start small; get your feet wet, and then venture on to larger and more expensive items to offer consumers. Work on building a good client base, and your drop ship business will take off!

Still curious about what drop-shipping means? Here's a short sentence to finish off this explanation of it.

Drop-shipping is a business that stocks products/merchandise and sells it to you, the re-seller, but ships the products directly to your customer. Easy as pie!

Visit Drop Ship Access now, a reputable wholesale product source with a Low Price Guarantee and almost 2 million high quality products to help you get your home dropship business up and running!

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