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Boost Revenue with Seasonal Sales: Dropship Halloween Items

dropship halloweenIf you want a tried and true way to boost your bottom line, try taking advantage of seasonal sales and dropship Halloween items.

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Halloween is a big deal!

If you have never delved much into the subject of retail Halloween sales, you might be shocked at just how much money consumers spend on it every year!

Last year, the 2011 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey conducted by Big Research for the National Retail Federation reported that Halloween spending was expected to increase by almost $1 billion.

This same study forecast that consumers would average spending about $72 each on Halloween. 70% of people in the United States said they planned to celebrate Halloween last year, and total spending was projected to be approximately $7 billion.


That’s not chicken feed!

Anyone with a home business in online sales might do well to seriously consider hitching a ride on the Spooktacular gravy train with dropship Halloween sales.

Which Dropship Halloween Items are Best to Sell?

That is basically up to you. One of the beauties of a dropshipping business is that since you don’t have to pay for your items until each one is sold and you have collected the payment from your customer for it, you’re free to offer a wide variety of different Halloween items.

Here are a few ideas for items that might do well for dropship Halloween sales:

  • Treat Bags
  • Costumes
  • Masks
  • Outdoor Decorations
  • Indoor Decorations
  • Pumpkin Carving Kits
  • And Much More

With the American people spending billions of dollars every year on this holiday, it’s a safe bet that your seasonal sales will perform well. It isn’t too early to line up your marketing and promotions for the holiday and be all set to get your dropship Halloween products listed.

An interesting thing about predicted Halloween sales is that retail analysts use that figure to predict how the big winter holiday sales will be.

Drop Ship Access has hundreds of high quality, popular Halloween products at genuine wholesale prices, low enough that you can be sure of making a nice profit on every sale.

Visit Drop Ship Access now to select your products for seasonal dropship Halloween sales!

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