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Dropship Tips: How to Choose an Ecommerce Name

ecommerce name dropship businessIf you are thinking of starting an ecommerce home business in dropship sales, you might be wondering how to go about choosing your ecommerce name.

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That question has more than one possible answer, depending on what type of venue you plan to use.

For instance, if you plan to be an eBay dropship seller, you will need to choose a User ID that will serve as an ecommerce name. Your eBay User ID is important!

You need to select something memorable and that also correlates with the dropship products you will be listing, if possible. So, don’t come up with some ridiculously long string of letters or numbers, or both, that don’t spell a real word.

Believe it or not, there are some of these on eBay and the reason for choosing such weird User IDs is a mystery to most people who notice them.

If you will be selling Plus Size Lingerie as your dropship product niche for eBay, you might consider something along the lines of  “GlamourPlusLingerie” or something similar.

If your eBay dropship products are fishing equipment, you could use something such as “FishingStuff” or whatever.

You get the idea.

This also holds true for your eBay store. Choose a store name that reflects what you sell. This will be very helpful for the eBay search engine, as well as Google search results.

Follow the same principles for Amazon if you choose them for your dropship marketplace.

Now, for those who choose to go it alone with their own website, here is where you want to be especially careful about choosing a dropship ecommerce name, as it will have a huge impact on how your site ranks in the SERPs, or Search Engine Page Results.

Your website name is no place to try and be obscure or too cutesy. Keep it simple, but try to use your main keyword in it if you can. If your dropship products are pet supplies, for example, go with something like www.petproducts.com or a similar, self explanatory web address.

It’s great if you can have your web site address the same as your store name!

Once you decide on a name, go to Drop Ship Access and select from their 1.7 million products to choose something for a great dropship ecommerce name and business!

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