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Home Business Tips: Is it Time to Tweak Your Dropship Website?

dropship website tipsIf you haven’t performed maintenance on your dropship website in a while, it may be time for some fine tuning and tweaking!

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Ecommerce is a wonderful thing! It has created global shopping with the entire world one big marketplace. You, as a home business entrepreneur, will appreciate these points.

But here’s the thing, in order for your dropship website to take care of you, you must take care of it.

This involves some simple housekeeping and routine maintenance to keep your dropship website running like a well oiled machine, which is absolutely essential to your success!

Here are some tips to help you tweak your dropship website and make sure it’s the very best it can be:

  • Check browsers. Some people use Internet Explorer, while others use Firefox, Google Chrome or another web browser. You should periodically check to make sure that each browser is functioning as it should in your dropship website. This only takes a few mi9nutes and will be well worth your while if your discover problems with a browser that might cost you sales.

  • Check for upgrades to your software. For example, WordPress.org has a list of updates showing in its dashboard. If your software is using an outdated version, you can streamline things considerably by updating when a newer, more up-to-date version comes along.

  • Is your site up to speed? You should be aware that internet shoppers are notoriously impatient. If your web pages are loading slowly and your site is clunky in any way---it means loss of sales! Here is a free tool to check your site speed: iwebtool.

  • Check to make sure you have enough bandwidth to handle your dropship website traffic. If not, check to find out if you can upgrade and if you can’t; switch web hosts to someone who can provide you with the bandwidth you need.

These tweaking tips will help you keep your dropship website healthy and thriving!

Drop Ship Access has the high quality products you need to run a profitable home business and plenty of free educational resources to help you keep your dropship website up to par and working hard for you, so visit now!

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