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How to Attract Buyers on Ebay: Dropshipping Tips

attract buyers eBay dropshippingIf you want to attract buyers on eBay, dropshipping tips that will help you learn how to do that just might be right up your alley!

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Say what you will about fees and seller unfriendly policies, which are all too real, eBay is a giant among online marketplaces and the amount of global traffic flowing through the site 24/7 is nothing short of phenomenal!

Frankly, you would be hard pressed to attract that kind of traffic to your own website.

But, how do you catch the attention of some of that massive traffic and get shoppers to click through to your listings?

There are several things you can do. Here are some tips that should help you attract the attention of potential buyers on eBay:

  • Use catchy titles! Your titles should be informative and have your primary keywords close to the front. Needless to say, they should also be spelled correctly. If your titles are misspelled, it makes you seem a little dim, which doesn’t tend top instill confidence in people.

  • Have a great gallery photo. Almost every shopper on eBay will scroll through the search looking at items with photos. Your photo should be clear, of a large enough size to show up well and show your item to its best advantage.

  • If you have something extra special, don’t be afraid to dig down a little deeper in fees and splurge on a subtitle. If your title line doesn’t give you  sufficient space to tell the selling points of the product, that extra fee for the subtitle that allows you to get that info in there may be well worth the money.

  • Think like a buyer. Use titles that give buyers the main information they need to decide whether or not to click through to your listing. If clothing, it’s best to include a size and color.

  • Be sure to use Item Specifics. This can be quite helpful to buyers and besides that, if you don’t use them eBay will knock you down in Best Match search. Ouch!

Drop Ship Access can be your partner in success as an eBay dropshipper!

Visit Drop Ship Access now and choose your products, then start implementing the tips to attract buyers on eBay!

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