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Home Business Tips: Your Dropship Source is Critical to Success

dropship source home businessDid you know that your dropship source is critical to the success of your home dropshipping business?

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It’s true!

In fact, it seems safe to say that unless you choose a wholesale dropship source that meets certain criteria you will almost certainly fail in your ecommerce endeavor regardless of how hard you work.

What to Look For in a Dropship Source

So, what are the criteria that need to be met in a home business dropship source in order for you to succeed? Here are some of the most important things to look for when you choose a dropship source:

  • Reputation---You should find a dropship source that is an established, reputable business with testimonials from clients/customers. Also, look for a dropship source that is a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing. This tells you that you can trust the company to be legitimate and honest in their dealings with others.

  • Products---You need a dropship source with a large selection of products. After all, since you don’t have to pay for inventory up front, you might want to cast a broad net and offer a variety of products for sale in your home dropshipping business. You should also find a dropship source with brand name products as this will be of tremendous help in making sales to online shoppers. who are notoriously leery and afraid of getting ripped off by an online merchant. Offering brand names helps to overcome this.

  • Details---Check out all the smaller details such as making sure the dropship source sends out low stock notices so that you don’t oversell. You may think overselling a product is a splendid idea since you’d prefer it to underselling, but it isn’t. Canceling orders tends to make most customers quite irate. You should also be sure that your dropship source ships products promptly after you sell them. Waiting a long time to get their widget is something else that buyers get testy about.

  • Price---A truly critical area for your dropship source is price. You absolutely must be able to obtain your products at genuine wholesale prices. If not, there is virtually no way you can make enough money to make your home business viable. Buy low and sell high is the mantra when you buy for resale and even if you don’t sell high---you need to be able to buy low enough to make a decent profit selling at fair market prices.

Choose your dropship source wisely and you can enjoy a healthy income working from the comfort of your own home!

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