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Money Maker: Wholesale Products Shipped Directly to Your Customers

wholesale products shipped directly to your customersIf you want to earn a very nice income working from home, you might be interested in this proven and very popular money maker: wholesale products shipped directly to your customers.

This is, of course, a dropshipping online business and some people are earning six figure incomes with it. You can, too!

How does this work with wholesale products shipped directly to your customers?

Here is the set-up:

  • You decide on a niche
  • You choose a wholesale supplier for those niche products
  • You choose which products you want to sell
  • You decide where you want to sell them online
  • You list them on the marketplace or website of your choice
  • You make sales
  • You send the pertinent info such as the product sold, customer’s name and shipping address to your wholesale product supplier
  • They take care of the rest, packaging and shipping the products you sell to your customers

The beauty of this business model is that you never have the hassle of maintaining a physical inventory of goods since your products source does that; or hassle with packing and shipping each item as it is sold because your product source does that, too.

Really, could it get any easier?

When you don’t have to mess with inventory, packaging and shipping, you’re free to focus on the things that will make money: sales and excellent customer service that will get you repeat customers and referrals.

It’s important to understand that this will only work if you really do get your products for resale at genuine wholesale prices.
If you pay retail prices to your dropship product source, or even close to retail prices, there is no way you can hope to make enough profit to stay afloat.

This is what brings many wannabe ecommerce entrepreneurs to grief with dropshipping. You cannot buy for resale at retail prices and then turn around and sell the products at retail prices and make any money.

Frankly, the only party making money when you pay a dropship product source too much for your products to resell is the product source---not you.

So, the key to making money with wholesale products shipped directly to your customers is to do business with a dropship supplier that offers true, low wholesale prices!

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