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3 Tips for Drop Ship Business Time Management

time management dropship businessAnyone with a drop ship home business might be interested in a few tips about time management, as this can be a stumbling block on the road to success.

The unpleasant truth is that failure to manage your time wisely can sink your ecommerce ship!

While there can be no argument about how wonderful it is to work from the comfort of your own home and be your own boss; bear in mind that there won’t be a boss or supervisor standing over you, spurring you on to work.

You’ll have to be a self starter and learn how to manage your time to the utmost advantage if you want to be successful in a home drop ship business. Contrary to what many of the unenlightened may believe, time management doesn’t come naturally to most of us.

In fact, being able to make the most of your working hours usually takes time, practice, determination and learning how to keep your eye on the ball.

If you’re a dawdler, slow starter, prone to take too many lengthy breaks or get sidetracked too easily with personal phone calls or Facebook…..don’t despair. Time management is something that can be learned and you can overcome these self-defeating habits with a little perseverance.

Your home dropship business will become easier to run and more profitable when you learn how to manage your time wisely!

Here are three tips for time management in an ecommerce drop ship home business:

I. Even though one of the reasons you wanted to start a home business was so you wouldn’t have to punch a time clock anymore or arrive at work when someone else said you should; make a schedule and whatever time you designate as the hour you want to start work---be there. Be there on time and ready to buckle down and start working. After a while, this will become a good habit that will override your possible bad habit of dilly dallying around till noon to report to your home office.

II. Plan your work and work your plan. You’ll see that phrase a lot in this blog because it may be an old saying, but it bears repeating. Why? Because it works. If you sit down and decide where you want to go with your home dropship business in terms of sales and income, then map out what it will take to get there, it gives you a track to run on that will make it so much easier to achieve your goals. So, first define your goals, and then write down what steps you will need to take to attain those goals on a daily basis. Plan your work. Work your plan.

III. Be ruthless in prioritizing. This means setting boundaries for family and friends about when you’re free or not available for socializing. Yes, one of the reasons you chose to work from home was to have more quality time with these folks, especially your family. But here’s the rub: if you don’t prioritize and allow your kids or spouse or significant other or mom, dad, best friend etc., to interfere with your work schedule…..you won’t succeed in a home business. Let’s face it; there are only so many hours in a day. The hours you set aside for work should be spent on work except for a bona fide emergency.

Use these three timely tips to manage your time wisely and they’ll help you have a successful and profitable drop ship home business!


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