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Can You Really be Successful in a Dropship Business?

dropship businessYou may have seen Doomsday type articles online about how there is no money to be made with a dropship business, how they’re all scams, how you can’t be successful on eBay with dropshipping and so on and so forth.

 If so, and these naysayers and Gloomy Guses or Debbie Downers have you questioning the viability or advisability of starting a home business with ecommerce dropship sales---take all of that negativity with a grain of salt.


Simple because while the people who post these horror stories about dropshipping as a business model might have tried it and failed; there’s a good chanced they would have failed at any endeavor they undertook.

Look at it this way: Let’s say that two people look at quick start up businesses, dropshipping in particular and both decide to give a home dropship business a try.

We’ll name our imaginary people Entrepreneur 1 and Entrepreneur 2.

Entrepreneur 1

Entrepreneur 1 doesn’t do any research to decide which niche would be good. Instead, he plucks a niche out of thin air and decides to go with it. Instead of taking a little bit of time to choose a reputable wholesale product supplier with high quality products, Entrepreneur 1 goes with the first one he runs across online, not even bothering to check prices and make sure he’ll be able to make a profit.

Nor does this wannabe ecommerce business person research products within the chosen niche, but grabs whatever looks likely. When it comes to choosing a venue or marketplace, Entrepreneur continues on down this slip shod road and lists the dropship products on some small, almost unheard of new website because it’s free---for the moment anyhow.

Now this aspiring entrepreneur sits back and plays computer games or watches TV or goes fishing or plays golf or kicks back in the recliner and snoozes for hours at a time instead of working at his new online business and taking care of important things such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Contests
  • Product Research
  • A Work Schedule
  • And More

What happens? He’s a dismal failure. Surprise, surprise.

Was Entrepreneur 1 a failure because dropshipping is a bad business to get into? Of course not. He was a failure because he made lazy, stupid mistakes that would have sunk his ship regardless of what type of business he started.

Entrepreneur 2

Entrepreneur 2 goes about things in an entirely different way. He takes the time to thoroughly research niches and makes it a point to learn which are more likely to be profitable and have products that are in sufficient demand to ensure a steady flow of customers year round, then chooses one based on the knowledge he acquired.

Next, Entrepreneur 2 chooses carefully because he understands the importance of having a wholesale product supplier who is:

  • Reputable
  • Has a large selection of products
  • Has high quality products, especially brand names
  • Who ships promptly and securely
  • Sends low inventory notices
  • Observes good business practices
  • Offers genuine wholesale prices

Once he finds a suitable supplier, Entrepreneur 2 selects his niche products carefully and goes on to research a venue or marketplace that will furnish plenty of traffic and is well known so that he has plenty of potential customers.

When everything is set up and he starts making sales, Entrepreneur 2 works out a schedule that will get him where he wants to be in his dropshipping business. He puts in the time and effort necessary for marketing, advertising and promoting his online business.

Result? Entrepreneur 2 is a success! Truthfully, he would have probably been successful in many other home businesses besides dropshipping because he has good work ethics and doesn’t take the easy way out.

So, if you have what it takes to be successful in a business---more like Entrepreneur 2 than Entrepreneur 2---you should enjoy success with a dropship business, as well!

So go ahead and get started and you can be enjoying a great income while working from home while the Entrepreneur 2 types are writing sad stories about how dropshipping doesn’t work.


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