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3 Tips for Getting More eBay Dropship Visitors & Sales

eBay dropship sellersIf you are an eBay dropship seller---or thinking about becoming an eBay seller---you might be interested in a few relevant tips to help you rev up your visits and sales.

First of all, it’s important to be aware that Google will no longer accept RSS feeds from eBay. Rumor is that this is because eBay refused to allow Google Wallet as an accepted payment method.

eBay says this is because it isn’t safe. This is ridiculous, of course, since internet research shows that Google Wallet is as safe or safer than most other online payment methods.

The real reason eBay has no intention of allowing Google Wallet as an accepted method of payment is more probably that they don’t own it like they do Paypal, their cash cow, and wouldn’t get the big hunk of fees from it the way they get from Paypal.

While this makes perfect sense from eBay’s perspective, there is simply no denying that it has hurt eBay sellers, dropship and otherwise. Sellers who used to see a large percentage of their visits coming via Google are now feeling the pain as those referrals are lost for the most part.

Get Proactive About Attracting Visitors

So, unable to rely on Google these days and with eBay’s search engine being in a constant state of flux and continually broken in one way or another; an eBay dropship seller will have to get proactive about attracting visitors to listings and converting visitors to buyers.

So, how can an eBay dropship seller do this? How can you boost traffic to your listings and improve your conversion rate?

Here are a few timely tips that will help increase traffic and boost sales for eBay dropship sellers:

  • Great Titles: eBay has increased the number of characters allowed now in a title, so you have more scope to be descriptive and put your keywords to good use. Follow best SEO practices just as you would anywhere else on the net. For example, try to use your best keywords in the beginning of the title if possible. There is a free resource that can help you see how well your title and keywords will perform. It’s the eBay Research Labs BayEstimate. Try it out here.

  • Great Photos: You don’t need to be a professional photographer or buy a pricey camera to take good eBay pics. There are numerous free online courses that can give you a lot of very helpful how-to tips about taking great photos. There is a good one here. You need to have a good backdrop, enough light, take several views and tweak your photos if necessary so that the colors are true. Don’t resize your photos too small, keep them a nice size for online viewing. Shoppers LOVE photos, so make yours as good as they can be to attract more click throughs to your listings.

  • Use Loss Leaders: Some people tend to think of eBay as being different than regular ecommerce. While it’s true that there are some differences,  they aren’t fundamental differences. Ecommerce is ecommerce is ecommerce. The same sales techniques that work for an online store outside of eBay will work nicely on eBay. Offer an item---preferably a well known designer brand---at a low starting price such as $.99 or even a penny. That listing will attract scads of visitors to your listings & will help you sell more of your other items.

These three tips can help increase your eBay dropship visitors and sales!


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