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Natural Products: Drop Shippers Find This a Great Niche!

natural products drop shippersNatural products: drop shippers find this a hot niche with plenty of potential customers around the world!

Natural products are HOT.

Nowadays, with so much evidence pointing to the destructive influence of mankind on the world that sustains us, people all over this big blue marble are beginning to put some thought into using natural products that won’t harm the earth and its ecosystems.

Natural products are an up and coming niche with a huge demand and offers a hungry niche with tons of potential for an aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur.

Plus, look at it this way: you can make a pocketful of money while doing good for the world and its citizens.

What are Natural Products?

So, you might be wondering exactly what constitutes a “natural” product. What sets these products apart from other, similar products that aren’t natural?

Let’s take a look at how Wikipedia defines the meaning of natural products:

“A natural product is a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism - found in nature that usually has a pharmacological or biological activity for use in pharmaceutical drug discovery and drug design. A natural product can be considered as such even if it can be prepared by total synthesis.”

Natural products as relating to beauty products are made with all natural, safe and non-toxic ingredients instead of harsh chemicals that not only pollute the environment, but are often unsafe for human use, as well.

Then there are natural health products, another facet of this extremely lucrative niche for drop shippers.

Natural health products, as with natural beauty products, are created to do no harm to the earth or to humans.

There is no reason to suppose that this profitable niche will do anything but continue to expand as more and more consumers become attuned to the needs of keeping our planet and our bodies free of toxic, man made chemicals.


Sales Statistics of Natural Products

Here are some sales statistics for natural products drop shippers might find very interesting:

  • Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine's 2012 Market Overview reports healthy growth for the natural and organic products industry.  With nearly $91 billion in total revenue last year, the industry grew 10 percent over 2010, showing that consumers are filling their carts with natural products and that the industry is healthy and growing.

  • Market research found that several categories experienced double-digit growth. Produce and meat, for example, grew 12 percent and 10 percent respectively over the previous year. "Double digit growth in 2011 is impressive," said Carlotta Mast, Editor-in-Chief of Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine. "These numbers demonstrate that shoppers are returning and continuing to shop natural products stores for everyday groceries," she said.
Source: foodbeverageabout.com

MO avg sales per store resized 600

MO store sales by cat 2 resized 600

Source: Natural Foods Merchandiser and Nutrition Business Journal

So, there is no doubt that the market is there for natural products, drop shippers might be wise to explore this niche if they want to get on a fast moving train to success in ecommerce!


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