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6 Tips on How to Build a Dropship Website for a Home Business

dropship website builderWould you be interested in 6 tips to help you build a dropship website for a profitable home business that would give you the freedom to walk away from a job you can’t stand?

If your answer is in the affirmative….read on!

More and more people are opting for work at home jobs so that they can have personal as well as financial freedom with a business of their own that they can run from home.

When you think about how wonderful it would be to earn a very nice living right from the comfort and privacy of your own nest….never worrying about an obnoxious boss or supervisor again….never dealing with difficult coworkers again….never trudging out in ice, snow or pouring down rain again to go to work….being able to work the hours and days of your own choosing and take breaks and vacations when it best suited you instead of someone else….sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Guess what? It is!

While it’s true that there is no such thing as a perfect job, you can take this to the bank along with all of the money you’ll make: a home business working for yourself comes close to being 100% perfect!

Building a Great Dropship Website

You don’t have to be a computer guru to go about building a very serviceable dropship website. There are plenty of services available that will talk you through every step of the process, some for free.

Here are 6 tips to help you build a dropship website from scratch:

  • Do choose a reputable web host for your dropship website. Although it might be tempting to choose one who offers you a free website, don’t go there. This is very much a case of getting what you pay for and a free dropship website cannot, in most cases, be depended on to stay up and running. When you’re making your living in an online store, it is imperative that it doesn’t go down so that traffic and customers can’t get to you. So, dig down a bit and pay for a good website host. It’s not expensive and the expense is justified.

  • Don’t come up with a cutesy name for your dropship website that won’t make it plain what type of products you sell. For instance, if you’re selling outdoor gardening implement dropship items, don’t select a website name such as: DiggersnMore or Shovels4Us. This is not an area that you need to be too vague about. Instead, go with something that makes it crystal clear what you’re selling if at all possible: GardeningTools.com. That makes it quite apparent that you are selling shovels, spades, garden forks and more.

  • Do hire someone to write your product descriptions if you don’t think you can do it competently. Poorly written descriptions don’t sell products! So, if you must resort to hiring a freelancer to write great product descriptions that will help your products fly off the virtual shelves; the expense will be well worth it.

  • Do make sure that your navigation is simple and that your website uses breadcrumb navigation to help shoppers find their way around. The advantage of breadcrumb navigation is that shoppers can see where they’ve been as well as where they are. Use a site map, too.

  • Do have great product images! Although you can use the images from your wholesale dropship product source, it would probably be better to actually purchase one each of every product you’ll be selling and take some fantastic photos of them. Buyers love photos! Take various views of the products, close-ups if needed, etc. This will help you make a lot of sales!

  • Don’t use harsh, glaring or discordant colors and fonts for your website. Don’t use a lot of flash because you think it’s cool. It isn’t cool on your dropship website and does nothing but distract the shoppers that visit your business. Internet research has shown that websites do best with a simple dark font on a lighter background. Be sure to choose a commonly used font that everyone is likely to have.

  • Do make your dropship website navigable and easy to use for mobile applications. More and more road warriors are using their iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices for shopping, so if your dropship website doesn’t cater to these visitors, you’re missing the boat and losing sales!

Use these tips to help build a dropship website that will serve you well!


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