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5 Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Online Dropshipping Business

online dropshipping businessIf you want to make more sales and therefore, more money, you might be interested in some marketing tips and tricks for your online dropshipping business.

Online Marketing 101

Marketing is essential for any business, online or off. That being said, online marketing is different in many ways than what would be done for a traditional brick and mortar business.

With an ecommerce business, all of your sales are online, so you must gear your marketing efforts toward the online community of shoppers.

Here are 5 tried and true marketing tips for your online dropshipping business:

  • I. Keep your eye on the ball---What does this mean? It’s simple. Your main goal is to make sales. So, your focus should be on that more than anything else. Before you get all carried away with cutesy pages and overly long content that really doesn’t do one thing to advance visitors toward a purchase and checkout; remember that your overriding concern is to sell, sell, sell. Anything that detracts from that or doesn’t keep things moving toward that desired outcome when a visitor enters your sales funnel is extraneous and should be done away with. You don’t need it. Keep your eye on the ball and your goal of selling products.

  • II. Think like a customer---What would you be looking for on your website or listing page if you were a customer? What would you expect to find? While there may be multiple answers to these questions, there are some givens that will apply to almost every visitor to your listings or web pages. People want to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, be given enough information about it to make a purchasing decision, and then a fast checkout. Cut and dried. So, have a friend or relative browse your site as though they were a potential customer and go all the way through checkout. (You can void the sale, don’t worry.) If they run into problems or hit any snags, you need to correct the situation post haste.

  • III. SEO is important for marketing---You may hear rumors that SEO is dead since Google has rolled out the Panda and Penguin updates. Don’t believe them, SEO is alive and kicking, and you need to use it wisely for best marketing of your online dropshipping business. Make sure you use prime keywords in titles, descriptions, alt tags, image tags, the whole enchilada. Using great SEO will make it much easier for your online dropshipping business products to be picked up by the search engine bots and get you ranked high in SERPs, or Search Engine Result Pages. So, be sure to utilize correct SEO.

  • IV. Use product reviews---Internet retail research has shown that online consumers love reviews. As more and more people are turning to the internet for shopping, they are getting smarter and a lot savvier about checking out products by reading user reviews before buying. Don’t cheat on your reviews! If you’re selling a product that gets consistently bad reviews, you need to quit selling that product and replace it with a better performer. Be sure to let shoppers know when you do this. It boosts confidence if people see that you’re posting honest reviews and that you’re listening to what buyers have to say about your products and taking appropriate action accordingly, if need be.

  • V. Use a mixture of marketing methods---There is a world of opportunity online for someone willing to put in a little work on social media marketing and email marketing. In many cases, these types of marketing won’t even cost you anything because you may be able to do all of it yourself. But, even if you have to hire a freelancer to write your emails, for instance, the increased sales will make it well worth the expense.

Use these marketing tips and tricks to boost sales in your online dropshipping business!


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