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Want an Easy & Profitable Business to Start? Dropshipping Rocks!

easy and profitable business to start is dropshippingHere is a heads up for anybody who is looking around for an ecommerce home business that is easy and profitable to start: Dropshipping rocks!

Seriously, you can rock ecommerce and make a very nice living with a home business in dropshipping! As far as easy, it couldn’t get any easier. And profitable? There are people just like you working from home in an online dropshipping business and making six figure incomes.

That’s what most of us would call profitable!

Let’s look at the ease of starting up an online dropshipping home business, step by step:

  • First things first. Before you start looking for a wholesale dropship product source or a venue to sell your products, you need to decide what niche and products you will dropship. Do some research, such as checking out which items are on eBay’s Pulse---which means they’re super hot---or using Google’s Keyword Tool (it’s free) to search for a specific product and find out how many global searches were performed for it. Selling a product with enough consumer demand to keep you in plenty of prospective customers is vital to the success of your online dropshipping business.

  • Next, find a reputable product supplier who will give you true wholesale prices so that you’ll have ample room for profits, is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau and an established business, has a large selection of high quality products, preferable brand name. You want to ascertain that the product source will ship promptly and securely to your customers and notify you if inventory is running low so that you don’t oversell and make people angry by canceling their orders.

  • Your next step is to select the products you plan to dropship. While you can use the supplier’s images and descriptions to get some sales and money coming in pronto, it’s a good idea to buy one of each product so that you can take your own photos and also work on and rewrite the descriptions so that they’re as good as they can be. This will make your listings stand out on eBay, Amazon or a similar marketplace where there is a good chance you’ll have competitors offering the same items. Actually, a fantastic description and excellent images will help you make more sales regardless of where you’re selling. Once you’ve taken the pics, you can sell the products and recoup your money.

  • After you’ve selected products to dropship, you must decide what route to take as far as a marketplace. Amazon and eBay are the online giants and you can count on an enormous flow of global traffic on both sites. There are fees, of course, but your fees for having an online sales business are a drop in the bucket of what you’d have to pay for a brick and mortar store. If you want to have your own website, ProStores is a great way to go.

  • Lastly, list your products on the venue you have chosen and you’re in business, ready to start making sales and money!

As mentioned above, it really couldn’t get any easier!

Now, as for profitable, you can basically write your own paycheck with an online home dropshipping business. Make a little or a lot. It mostly depends on how much time you want to put into it and on you, personally. If you’re a self starter with good work habits, able to organize your time wisely and willing to do the necessary marketing and promotion to make your business successful, you will do well.

If you’re not, you won’t.

It’s just that simple. So, whether you succeed or fail is up to you.

An easy and profitable business to start? Dropshipping works and can provide you with personal and financial freedom, along with the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of!


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