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Want to Dropship? Sell Now, Buy Later!

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If you are dreaming of saying Adios to a job you detest more with each passing day in favor of working from home in an ecommerce endeavor, you might want to dropship---sell now, pay later!

Working from home is something that doesn’t have much against it and a whole lot going for it. If you have the following attributes, you can be a successful ecommerce entrepreneur with a profitable home business:

  • You’re a self starter who doesn’t need someone cracking the proverbial whip over your head to work.

  • You’re able to draw up a feasible business plan and then stick to it.

  • You can manage your time wisely and not succumb to the temptation to dawdle, take ridiculously long breaks and lunch hours or get snarled up on the phone socializing when you should be working….or any one of the 1,001 other things that are waiting to trip you up if you aren’t careful.

  • You aren’t afraid to take a leap of faith and understand that in order to get something different out of life, you must do something different with your life.

  • You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving ahead even if you stumble and fall a few times.

  • You aren’t a spendthrift who wastes large amounts of money on unnecessary objects such as Herman Miller office furniture and gold plated letter openers. This is not to disparage Herman Miller office furniture, but really---a simple chair will run you around 3 grand or more. If you have that kind of money starting up a small home business, you probably don’t even need to work.

These are the main things, the biggies. Of course, there are other traits and work habits that will stand you in good stead when you start a home business in dropshipping.

Now, you may be wondering how on earth you can dropship; sell now, buy later.

It’s easy!

Simply find a reputable wholesale product source with a great selection of high quality, preferably brand name products and choose the ones you want to dropship.

Decide which venue or marketplace you want to use, such as eBay or Amazon. Alternatively, you might choose to start your own website or use ProStores.

Once you’ve settled on a venue, list your dropship products and you’re in business; ready to sell now, buy later.

This is show it works:

You list your dropship products and when you make a sale, you notify your product source. You also supply your dropship supplier with the name and shipping info for your customer.

You have already collected the payment for the widget from your buyer, so now you pay your wholesale dropship product supplier.

So, what has happened?

You sold first and actually bought the product second. Sell now. Buy later.

Could it get any easier or more economical to start your own home business? Don’t think so!

This is a beautiful set-up because not only are you not out a king’s ransom buying inventory to sell, but you also don’t have to spend money on storage space to house that inventory, hassle with loading, unloading and warehousing it, or even packaging and shipping.

Your dropship product supplier does all of that!

So, if you want to drop out of the Rat Race and let the rats win, you can earn a great living from the comfort of your own home. Dropship: sell now, buy later!


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