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Dropship eBay Alternatives: Do They Exist?

dropship eBay alternativesIf you are disgusted with FeeBay and its constant “disruptive innovation” along with the frequent increases in fees; you might be wondering if there are any feasible dropship eBay alternatives.

While nobody can deny that eBay is still one of the giants among online marketplaces, the grim truth is that it is not growing at the same rate as Amazon.

Why not?

Probably because the current CEO took a popular, thriving auction marketplace and changed it to the point that it’s almost unrecognizable. Now, many have speculated exactly what purpose the CEO thought that all this “disruptive innovation” would serve and the only theory that seems viable is that he simply wanted to be seen to do something to earn his probably ridiculously inflated pay.

If what he did in the process was to basically dismantle the old, working eBay and replace it with a new, non-working eBay….oh well.

The crippling fees and ludicrous seller unfriendly policies have driven many good sellers from eBay.

But, have those sellers found decent alternatives?

Dropship eBay Alternatives: Amazon

It depends a lot on the niche. For example, if you are a dropshipper, you can certainly find another good marketplace such as Amazon. Someone submitted a comment to a recent article here on the Drop Ship Access blog recently about Amazon and dropshipping.

Their comment was that dropshipping is not allowed on Amazon. People, this is not true. Don’t know where the poster came by their information but it is incorrect.

You most certainly use the dropshipping business model on Amazon. What you can’t do is dropship and use Amazon Prime.

Big difference.

So, it’s safe to say that Amazon is, indeed, a great eBay alternative. Their rules for sellers are stringent, too, but their site isn’t constantly under renovation with the result that it’s a case of one long, ongoing glitch after another.

Other Dropship eBay Alternatives

There are other dropship eBay alternatives. Bonanza, for instance, has no problem with dropshipping. Bonanza started out as Bonanzle and then was able to snag the Bonanza website name, which was better and makes more sense. Besides, it’s easier to remember.

Bonanza is big and continues to grow. The set-up is different than eBay in that you have booths for your merchandise instead of listing each item separately.

But, here’s the thing about Bonanza. Recently, they announced that sellers who want to pay higher fees can get Bonanza’s assistance with Google and eBay as far as selling items.

Honestly, it seems really murky as to how this works. Apparently, you pay Bonanza a higher fee to list your eBay listings in a 30 day Fixed Priced format. Then, you would owe both the eBay fees plus the extra fees to Bonanza.

This doesn’t seem like a good idea, does it?

If you’re going to list on eBay, why go through Bonanza and have a double dip situation going on in which you pay more money because you’re using both eBay and Bonanza?

Along with this change is that Bonanza is paying Google Shopping for Pay Per Clicks for its members. Here is what it says about this deal in the FAQs:

“"This is indeed the major difference between Bonanza and every other advertising platform that we know of.  We have built systems that understand the selling potential of a given item, so we can have our software automatically adjust the cost per click such that the risk is sufficiently low for Bonanza.  That said, there will be many times where we pay for clicks to your items, your items don't sell, and we lose money.  We accept that as a cost of doing business to help us reach our "big hairy audacious goal" (see above).

Those potential losses are justified to us, because we don't think that you want to learn how to calculate the optimal CPC cost for your items, so we're doing away with the complicated stuff and focusing on what matters to you - what percentage of your profits are going to be spent on getting this item sold?"

It occurs to one that these changes indicate a knowledge that Bonanza, by itself, isn’t working.

So, you might want to think twice about putting your dropship eggs in Bonanza’s basket.

You can’t dropship on Etsy as no new items are allowed, plus they just flat don’t allow dropshipping. Ruby Lane is good for vintage collectibles and antiques, but it’s unlikely you will find a wholesale dropship source for these types of items, so you can scratch them off your dropship eBay alternatives list.

There are other sites that you might consider dropship eBay alternatives, or you can simply start your own website!

So, if you’re fed up with jumping through eBay’s hoops---go for it today!


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