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Dropshippers of Shoes on eBay & Amazon

dropshippers shoes eBay AmazonDid you know that dropshippers of shoes on eBay and Amazon are making a tidy amount of income and that this is a great niche for an ecommerce home business?

Anyone looking around for a profitable home business niche in ecommerce and products that are in great global demand could certainly do a lot worse than considering dropshipping shoes on eBay and Amazon.

After all, in most parts of the globe, shoes are an essential and virtually everyone in the civilized world wears them. Whoever isn’t part of the civilized world….at least enough to consider footwear as de rigueur; probably doesn’t have access to a computer and the internet anyhow so you haven’t lost a potential customer.

The point is that shoes are a niche product with a humongous global target market and year round demand.

Types of Shoes

There are scads of shoes, boots and footwear. Here are just a few of the types of shoes you might dropship on eBay and Amazon:

  • Running Shoes
  • High Heeled Shoes
  • Mens Dress Shoes
  • Womens Casual Shoes
  • Mens Casual Shoes
  • Mens Boots
  • Womens Boots
  • Childrens Casual Shoes
  • Childrens Dress Shoes
  • Childrens Boots
  • House Slippers
  • Sandals
  • Waterproof Shoes and Boots
  • Sports Shoes
  • And More

As you can see, the sky is sort of the limit when it comes to selecting shoes to dropship. As this is a such a broad niche with such a variety, you might think about drilling down and developing a profitable sub niche.

For example, you might want to only focus on selling men’s casual shoes or women’s dress shoes or children’s shoes….you get the idea.

On the other hand, if you would be more comfortable casting a wider net to make a bigger catch; you may prefer selling a wide variety of different types of footwear for everyone.

Shoe Sales Stats

Let’s take a look at some of the sales stats for the footwear niche:

Footwear Industry Statistics    Data

  • Footwear industry annual revenue    $48 Billion
  • Annual U.S. consumer footwear spending    $20 Billion
  • Total number of shoe stores    29,360
  • Shoe industry employment    188,866
  • Total annual shoe store payroll    $3 Billion
  • Shoe Category Market Share    
  • Women’s casual shoes    17 %
  • Women’s dress shoes    13 %
  • Women’s athletic shoes    10 %
  • Men’s athletic shoes    20 %
  • Men’s casual shoes    9 %
  • Men’s dress shoes    6 %
  • Other styles    25 %

Shoe Store (Brick and Mortar) Sales Statistics       

Year    Store Sales (In Billions)   

  • 2009    $24.990    
  • 2008    $26.683    
  • 2007    $26.828    
  • 2006    $26.701    
  • 2005    $25.281    
  • 2004    $23.686    
  • 2003    $23.192    
  • 2002    $23.215    
  • 2001    $22.897    
  • 2000    $22.888    
  • 1999    $22.704    
  • 1998    $22.251    
  • 1997    $21.463    
  • 1996    $21.248    
  • 1995    $20.354    
  • 1994    $19.921    
  • 1993    $19.042    
  • 1992    $18.630    

Source: Statistic Brain

Pretty interesting, huh? This should furnish you with a pretty good, ballpark idea of what a lucrative niche dropshipping shoes really is and how you have a golden opportunity to make a lot of money in a home business if you choose to go this route!

Here is another interesting tidbit:

“In 2012 revenue generated from online shoe sales is projected to reach $7.8 billion, representing an increase of 16.3% from 2011. The industry has grown furiously for more than a decade as consumers increasingly shift purchases online. Every year, more than 100 million Americans purchase goods from the online retail marketplace, one of the fastest-growing industries in the US.”
Source: PRWeb.com

Dropshippers for shoes on eBay and Amazon will have a huge potential for an extremely profitable home business, so get started today!


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