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What are the Amazon Webstore Advantages for Dropshipping?

Amazon webstore dropshippingIf you are contemplating starting a home business in ecommerce, you might be wondering: what is the Amazon webstore advantage for dropshipping?

For those who are complete newbies to the wonderful world of ecommerce and online sales with little or no practical computer experience and little time or knowledge to market their dropship products; this question is the equivalent of asking which would be better, easier and faster---riding a donkey from New York to California or driving a car?

While nobody can argue that even a clueless beginner can forge ahead and eventually start up and run a profitable online business, the fact is that all of that time and hard work isn’t necessary.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

If you want to get a lot of traffic right away, have built-in professional marketing and a turn key operation to open your webstore filled with dropship products….Amazon is the answer!

Amazon as a Marketplace

Let’s take a look at Amazon as a marketplace and see what it has to offer:

  • According to ComScore, surveys show that in the United States four out of five  smartphone owners are checking out retail sites on mobile devices. The total number of mobile retail visitors was 85.9 million. Amazon was the Number One retail destination with an audience of almost 50 million smartphone users. Amazon is the most used site for shoppers who are in stores and price checking or interested in seeing product reviews.

  • Based on findings by Quantcast.com, Amazon has over 80 million visitors each month from the United States alone!

Starting a Dropship Amazon Webstore

Amazon makes starting a dropship business almost ridiculously easy! No worries if you aren’t an ecommerce star or a computer guru, they take care of everything and basically all you have to do is list your products and collect the money as they sell.

Here is some info straight from the Amazon site about an Amazon webstore:

“Multiple sales channels allow you to generate even more online revenue, and the tight integration between Webstore and Amazon.com allows you to open up new sales channels with your existing Webstore catalog. Selling on Amazon allows you to:

  • Reach millions of consumers by listing your products on Amazon.com
  • List your products in over 25 categories from books and electronics to sports and toys
  • Offer features like the A to Z Guarantee, 1-Click, and association with a trusted brand to help customers choose to purchase from you

Online retailers can take advantage of Checkout by Amazon to make the shopping experience much easier for millions of potential customers. These consumers can use the shipping addresses and payment information in their Amazon.com accounts to make a purchase on your Webstore. The process is quick, convenient, and familiar, and your customers never have to leave your website.

  • Improve your conversion rate by enabling millions of Amazon customers to use the information they already have stored in their Amazon.com accounts
  • Amazon Webstore offers full fraud protection for any transaction that meets our payments protection policy so you can reduce the risks of bad debt and fraud-related chargebacks
  • Checkout by Amazon can be fully integrated into your existing checkout process so that it will remain consistent with your brand”

So there you have it. With an Amazon webstore, you don’t have to work and work to get some traffic to a new website because Amazon has millions of visitors every day.

Plus, since Amazon is the largest online marketplace, it has an international reputation that will help you make sales.

Check out this very informative article that will help you get started:                 

It’s easy to see the Amazon webstore advantages for dropshipping, so get started today and achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!


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