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Ecommerce 101: How to Build a Dropship Website


Anyone who wants to work from home might be glad of a few tips to help learn the ropes of starting up an ecommerce business, such as how to build a dropship website.

First of all, if you’re contemplating starting a dropship business you’ve already taken a step in the right direction! Dropshipping is one of the fastest, easiest and least costly of any home business to get up and running, plus there is no lengthy waiting time before you start making money.

You can start making sales and money right away with a dropship business!


The Basics of Building a Dropship Website

If you have checked out the two giant ecommerce marketplaces: eBay and Amazon, and discarded the idea of selling on either of them because you want to have your own website; you will have a fair amount of spadework to do before opening your virtual doors for business.

As with many other endeavors, the best place to begin is at the beginning. So, let’s look at the first things you will need to do in order to build a dropship website.


No Geekiness Required

If you are unable to do your own coding, there is software available to help you do this. Microsoft Expression Web, for instance, and Adobe Dreamweaver; among others. These aren’t exorbitantly expensive but neither are they free. If you’re starting your business on a shoestring, check out some of the free open source software programs available. KompoZer and Blue Griffin are both good.

Choose your interface and remember that simple and easy to use is the best. If HTML isn’t your thing, stick with WYSIWYG, or What You See Is What You Get.

If you plan on changing your website on a fairly regular basis, you should think about an open source content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla or Drupal. That way, new web pages and content can be added quickly and easily. You won’t have to code new content in HTML because the CMS will do it for you.


Choose a Great Web Host

Once you have all that lined out, select your web host. A word of caution: do not go with a free web host, shoestring or not. When you’re making your living online, the last thing you can afford is to have your server go down, which puts you out of business at least until it’s up and running again. Be sure to choose a web host with frequent backups just in case there is a server outage, so your files aren’t lost. Last but not least, do choose a web host with excellent customer support. If you’re an ecommerce newbie---you’ll almost certainly need it.


What About Payment?

Next, set up your payment processing. This is important. If you sell your dropship products as fast as you can list them on your site, it won’t make you a penny unless you have something in place for buyers to pay for their purchases. Many ecommerce business people will stick with a payment processor like Paypal or Google Checkout when they’re starting out. Although these will take your customer to a checkout page hosted by the processor, most folks are familiar with these forms of payment and trust them, plus almost everyone these fays has a Paypal account.


You Need a Shopping Cart

Your next step is to set up a shopping cart system. You can find plenty of open source shopping carts such as 3DCart, osCommerce and Zen Cart that are almost ridiculously easy to put in place. You want to have a sleek, speedy, streamlined checkout process to prevent shopping cart abandonment as much as possible.


Build Trust to Make Sales

Now, choose your trust and security symbols. This is a vitally important step! Online shoppers are understandably wary of buying on the internet, so display your trust and security symbols prominently to allow them to feel safe and secure enough to buy from you.

That’s it! You’re finished!

You’ve learned how to build a dropship website. Now all you have to do is load your dropship products and you’re in business, ready to start making sales and money!


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