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Free Maintenance Tools to Tune-Up A Dropship Website



maintenance free tools dropship website

If you make your living with ecommerce, you might find some free maintenance tools to tune-up your dropship website handy things to have!

Working from home with your own ecommerce dropship business has got to be one of the best ways around of making a comfortable living. To make sure that you keep your income up high enough to be able to maintain the lifestyle you want; it is essential that you take a little time periodically to fine tune your dropship website and keep it running like a well oiled machine.

Why Website Maintenance is Important


Why is website maintenance such a critical area?

Simply because in ecommerce, there is many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip, for starters. This just means that from the time a visitor arrives on your dropship website until he or she actually makes a purchase and completes checkout---thus becoming a customer instead of merely a visitor---there are a number of spots in the sales funnel where you may lose this potential buyer if your website isn’t working properly.

Just look at this infographic from Milo, based on ComScore data:

dropship cart abandonment

Can you see how crucial it is, in order to reduce shopping cart abandonment, to keep your dropship website up to speed? Online shoppers have a host of reasons already for leaving without making a purchase, you certainly don't need to provide them with another one by having a poorly performing website!

Here are some useful and FREE tools to help with your dropship website maintenance:

W3C Link Checker: The last thing you or your visitors want is broken links. This will make a potential buyer hit the back button faster than you can say uh-oh my link is broken.

Speed Test: Measures how fast (or slow) your web pages load. Internet shoppers are impatient. Don’t lose them due to clunky, slow loading pages!

HitTail: A truly great free tool, it is a monitoring tool and displays traffic from referring sites, search engines, and pay per click campaigns in real time. Plus it shows the keywords that brought them to your site and suggests new keywords which may bring in new traffic streams. Wow!

SpyFu: Gotta love this one! As the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You need to keep an eye on the competition and this neat tool does that. Consider it as part of your regular maintenance!

Use these free maintenance tools to keep your dropship website running to its optimum capacity and don’t lose sales to shopping car abandonment!


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