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‘Tis the Season: Dropship Football Memorabilia & Work From Home

dropship football memorabilia
Sports season, particularly football season, is upon us and with millions of devoted fans and fanatics around the world; you can work from home and dropship football memorabilia for great profits!

Whether you want to pick up some extra spending money for the upcoming winter holidays, or are looking around for a full time home business in ecommerce, you’ll find that sports fans can men a very profitable niche and supply you with lots of sales and income.

The stats about how many sports fans are in the world---any and all of which might be a prospective customer for you---might surprise you!

Football Fever

Football ranks right on up there with one of the hot sports in terms of fans who follow it devotedly, watching or going to every game….keeping up with players, scores, coaches and everything else connected to their favorite sport and best loved team.

According to a study conducted by Gallup, more Americans are fans of football than any other sport.

Survey Says

Check this out, also from the Gallup study:

“More than six in 10 Americans (63%) consider themselves to be fans of professional football, higher than any of the 11 sports tested.

Football also traditionally places first by a wide margin when Americans are asked to name their favorite sport, and thus has a broad appeal in America. Pro football is one of only three of the 11 sports tested where a majority of women consider themselves fans. However, pro football still exhibits one of the larger gender gaps of the sports: 74% of men and 53% of women consider themselves fans, for a gender gap of 21 percentage points.

Only college football and figure skating show larger gender gaps.

Pro football also draws proportionately more of its fans from younger Americans. About seven in 10 Americans below the age of 50 are football fans, but only 60% of those between the ages of 50 and 64 and just 47% of those over the age of 65 consider themselves pro football fans.

Pro football fans are fairly evenly spread throughout the four regions of the country, but they are more likely to come from suburban (68%) or urban (64%) areas than rural areas (52%).”

That should furnish you with a pretty good idea of what a fantastic niche this could be for a profitable home business in dropshipping!

Sports Memorabilia Sales Stats

The global market for sports memorabilia sales was estimated to be about $4 billion back in 2009 and we can reasonably assume that number has increased since then.

Football memorabilia is highly collectible and many of those collectors are turning to the internet as a marketplace!

Online Sales of Sports Memorabilia

As more and more shoppers discover the ease and convenience of shopping online, football and other sports memorabilia sales on the internet are moving on up. Back in 2007, one major sports memorabilia seller---Dreams Inc.---reported that web sales accounted for more than half of overall retail sales growth for the nine-month period ended December 31, 2007.

It seems reasonable to believe that online sales have grown exponentially with other online sales growth in the intervening years.

This is great news for you because it means there is a huge, wide open target market of potential customers if you dropship football memorabilia, so get started today!


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