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Home Business Niche: Dropship Classical Music CDs

dropship classical music cdsIf you’re in the market for a profitable home business niche, here’s an idea for you: dropship Classical Music CDs.

One thing to establish right up front is that if you want a full time home business that will be your sole income, you should definitely not try to rely on the classical music niche entirely for your online sales.

Why not?

Although classical music still has a fairly strong target market of listeners, it simply does not have the market of many other types of music.

In fact, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, sales of classical music accounts for a mere 2% to 4% of the $15.9 billion record music industry.


So, although you can pick up a lot of sales and profits with classical music, especially since many online music merchants don’t even offer this genre at all anymore, it wouldn’t be wise to depend on it for your sole income.

That being said, if you only want a small, part time income, or as a part of your other online music stock, then you could dropship classical music CDs and do quite well for yourself. It might help to familiarize yourself with the most popular and best sellers among the classical music genres.

Popular Classical Music

As with anything else in life, when you have a great variety of things within a certain category or niche; some will be more popular than others. This holds true with classical music.

Some composers and musical pieces are much more well loved and often listened to than others. Here is a list of the Top 10 classical music pieces from Wikianswers:

Beethoven, "5th Symphony"
Tchaikovsky "1812 Overture"
Mozart "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
Bach "Toccata And Fugue"
Rossini "William Tell Overture"
Pachelbel "Canon In D"
Strauss "Blue Danube Waltz"
Orff "O Fortuna" from "Carmina Burana"
Strauss "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
Offenbach "Infernal Galop"

Besides these, there are other hot classical music pieces.

Other Hot Classical Music

Besides these Top 10, there are many other popular and well  known classical music pieces that you could offer in your online music store.

For more inspiration about which classical music CDs to dropship, check out this site: Classic Cat and prepare to be blown away by the list of 150 most popular classic tunes.

Obviously, you will have lots of choices when it comes time to select which dropship classical music CDs you want for your virtual store shelves.

Since with the dropshipping business model you aren’t required to buy any inventory up front, and only pay your dropship product source as each product is sold and you have collected the payment for it from your customer---why not offer all of these great classics?

After all, the classical music fans will probably be delighted to find a good online source of the music they prefer and you can almost certainly count o them to send you some referrals, as well.

Birds of a feather flock together, so to speak, and it’s a safe bet that many classical music aficionados have friends who share their interest and passion for the genre.

Dropship classical music CDs as part of your online music store and build a thriving home business!


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