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Luggage & Overnight Bags: Dropship for a Profitable Home Business

overnight bags dropshipAnyone looking around for a profitable home business niche might do well to take a long look at luggage and overnight bags dropship sales since these are HOT selling items year round!

One great thing about luggage and overnight bags is that almost everyone, at some point or another in their lives, will purchase them. Although you have your Keeping Up With The Joneses types of shoppers who turn their aristocratic noses up at any luggage that doesn’t come with a designer logo; the average person simply wants good quality, reasonably attractive luggage and overnight bags that will provide years of useful service.

So, how big a target market could your expect to have with a home dropship business in luggage and overnight bags sales?

Sales Stats of Luggage and Overnight Bags

Based on a recent study conducted by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the outlook for this niche is bright and getting brighter. Here are some interesting factoids from the study:

  • The global market for Luggage is forecast to reach US$48.4 billion by the year 2015, spurred by price competitiveness and higher unit sales.

  • Business and holiday travel constitute the other primary growth propellants for the luggage market.

  • Luggage is increasingly becoming a fashion accessory with ergonomic designs, trendy color combinations, textures and clean contoured lines becoming the norm.

  • Lately, security conscious tourists are opting for lightweight, avant-garde, cabin-size luggage with highly safe-lock systems to travel overseas.

  • The US stands tall as the single largest global market.

These tidbits should furnish you with a little more knowledge about the types of luggage and overnight bags to dropship, along with other useful info.

One thing that comes up often in a discussion about luggage is this: What is the difference between baggage and luggage?

Baggage or Luggage?

So, what is the difference between baggage and luggage?

The jury is still out on this question as an internet search brought up varied opinions, with one camp saying there is no real difference while another faction believes that they’re two entirely different things.

According to Wiki Answers:

“Baggage can be synonymous with luggage and is any number of bags, cases and containers which hold a traveler’s articles. Luggage is of British origin and may therefore sound a little more "superior.”


It seems, though, that when you hear someone lamenting about the loss of their luggage on an airplane flight, they almost always refer to it as their “baggage.”

But be that as it may, for all practical purposes we can probably safely say that baggage and luggage might be used interchangeably.

Why is this important?

Because you might want to take this into consideration when choosing keywords for your luggage and overnight bags dropship content, titles, etc. Using the Google AdWords keyword tool, it shows just over 4 million global monthly searches for “baggage” and about 11 million for “luggage.”

So, luggage is clearly more searched for than baggage, but on the other hand, 4 million searches a month is nothing to sneeze at, either. With that in mind, it might behoove you to incorporate this keyword into your SEO.

We can see that the luggage and overnight bags dropship niche is rich in opportunity for anyone who wants to achieve personal and financial freedom with a home business; so get started now!


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