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Dropship Coleman Tents and Camping Supplies for Nice Profits!

dropship Coleman tentsIf you think this is a strange time of the year to dropship Coleman tents and camping supplies---think again!

Although no one will dispute that the majority of camping is done during the warmer months, you should know that there are a slew of hardy individuals who actually prefer taking their camping trips to the Great Outdoors when the weather gets nippy and there’s a bite of frost in the air.

You may be wondering why this cool or cold weather camping would appeal to anybody in their right mind.

Why People Like to Camp in Cooler Weather

The truth is that there are several valid reasons why some folks prefer to go camping and commune with Nature during the off season, or colder weather.

Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Many bears are hibernating
  • Far less other campers and tourists
  • No hassle from pesky mosquitoes, ticks or other insects
  • Cheaper rates in campgrounds and parks
  • Some people would rather be a little cold as too hot

As you can see, there are some very good reasons for camping during the less hot and muggy summer months. This presents a prime opportunity for you, a go-getter of an ecommerce entrepreneur, to make plenty of sales and profits with dropship Coleman tents and other camping supplies.

Types of Coleman Tents and Camping Supplies

There are Coleman tents for almost any camping trip. From one person pop-up dome tents to spacious family size tents with several rooms, you can offer a wide variety of Coleman tents!

Some Coleman tents are just for dining or gathering together---not sleeping---and are more in the nature of screened gazebos that do a fine job of keeping bugs out. Provided any of the little nuisances persisted into cold weather, that is.

Here are some more ideas for Coleman camping equipment you might offer:

  • Camp Stoves
  • Camp Cookware
  • Camping Grills
  • Lanterns
  • Torches
  • Flashlights
  • Portable Showers
  • Water Bottles
  • Thermoses
  • Coolers
  • And Much More

About the Coleman Brand

The Coleman brand is an old and respected one, dating back to 1900 when the founder of the company, W. C. Coleman saw gasoline fueled lights while he was selling typewriters in Brockton, Alabama.

Since that time, Coleman has gone on to make a name for itself internationally as a maker of high quality, affordable and dependable outdoor gear; mainly camping gear.

When you dropship Coleman tents and other products, you get the advantage that comes with selling name brand products online.

The Name Brand Advantage Online

Why is it an advantage to dropship brand names that are household words, such as Coleman?

To understand this, try to put yourself into the shoes of an online shopper.

In a traditional brick and mortar store, a shopper is able to touch, feel, smell, and otherwise examine an item before making a purchase decision. He or she can look around the store and get a clear idea of how reputable a business it is, gauging by the cleanliness and orderliness, quality of merchandise and store equipment, store clerks and so on.

Not so in an internet store.

Shoppers browsing through an internet store only see a virtual world, or what the website owner wants them to see. They are unable to actually see the merchandise or have any way of knowing firsthand whether or not the business in on the up and up, instead of some fly by night internet scammer.

Can you imagine what a leap of faith it is for an online shopper to put up their money and their personal as well as financial data?

So, when you dropship Coleman tents and other fine Coleman products that are internationally famous with a proven track record and history of excellence, some of that trustworthiness rubs off on you, the seller.

This makes it much easier for an online shopper to become a customer and will help you immeasurably in making sales.

Dropship Coleman tents and other camping products now for a year round market of potential customers that will provide you with a tidy income!


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