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Hunting Season is the Ideal Time to Dropship Crossbows!

dropship crossbows
Hey all you ecommerce entrepreneurs looking for a hot seasonal niche to boost your annual bottom line, here is a tip for you: dropship crossbows and get in on the hunting season sales!

If you are thinking that crossbows went out of use with Robin Hood or King Arthur, you're wrong.

The fact is that crossbows are still very much in use today, for hunting and even military use. These powerful, non-gunpowder weapons are quite popular with hunters, especially deer hunters who take to the woods with their trusty crossbows every season in hopes of bringing home the Big Buck with a mammoth rack to mount above the mantel.

In fairness, it should be pointed out that a lot of dedicated bow hunters used their crossbows to hunt for food, not only sport.

History of Crossbows

Let’s have a quick history lesson on crossbows so that those who are basically clueless about them can gain a rudimentary knowledge of how they work and their history as a weapon.

According to Wikipedia, the earliest history of crossbows dates back to around the 5th Century AD.

These original crossbows were massive things and certainly wouldn’t have been used by 98 pound weaklings. Supposedly they were designed to be placed against the stomach of the operator but judging by the pictures of a couple that were either genuine antiquities or faithful reproductions, it would have taken someone with six pack abs and biceps of steel to use one of them!

Crossbows were used in numerous battles, wars and sieges through those early years and on into medieval times.

Modern Use of Crossbows

Nowadays, crossbows are still used in some military operations, mainly for their value as a stealth weapon and also because they’re really scary and intimidating looking, which definitely provides a psychological advantage.

The main use of crossbows today, though, is for hunting.

Narrowing it down a little more, most modern day crossbow hunting is for deer. That being said, there are brave and hearty (or foolhardy) hunters who go after bears armed with a crossbow.

Most of us would prefer a great big gun with a big, fast bullet for bear hunting, but that’s as may be. The point is that they are very much in use today for hunting and you would have a great target market if you dropship crossbows.

Here is some of the game that hunters hunt with crossbows:

  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Bear
  • Wild Boars
  • Feral Pigs
  • Elephants (really)
  • And More

Now, a point of possible interest is that crossbows are also used in whale research to take blubber biopsies without hurting the whale.

You might get the occasional blubber hunter, but probably shouldn’t count on them for much traffic and sales if you decide to dropship crossbows.

Since hunting season is upon us in most parts of the US, this makes it a time to strike while the iron is hot and dropship crossbows to get in on those increased seasonal sales, so get started today and start your own profitable home business!


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