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Do eBay Wholesale Dropshippers Make Money?

ebay wholesale dropshippersYou might have heard and read on the internet the horror stories by naysayers who claim that you can’t dropship successfully on eBay and are now wondering: Do eBay wholesale drop shippers make money?

Well, we’ll begin with a short and sweet answer to that question and put your mind at rest about it before moving on.

Do eBay wholesale dropshippers make money?


Yes, they do. If they didn’t, why would people keep on keeping on---dropshipping on eBay? When you stop and think about it, common sense would tell you that if eBay dropship sellers weren’t coming out ahead---way ahead in all probability---they would cease operations, fold up their tents and leave for greener pastures.

This isn’t what’s happening.

Instead, eBay wholesale dropshippers are going on week after week, month after month and year after year…..selling dropship products on eBay and doing it successfully.

Can YOU Make Money on eBay as a Dropshipper?

Okay, other people are doing it. But, the $64,000 question is: can YOU do it? Can you make money as an eBay drop shipper? What does it take to be successful on eBay with dropship products?

Unfortunately, that question doesn’t have as clear cut and straightforward an answer as the previous one simply because whether or not you are successful as an eBay dropshipper depends on several things.

Let’s look at what it takes to make a nice income on eBay with dropship products.

Success with Dropshipping on eBay

Here are some of the main requirements for being a successful eBay dropshipper:

  • You must choose wisely when you select a wholesale product source; you have to be able to get true wholesale prices in order to make enough profit to make your efforts viable. You can’t buy retail and sell retail. It won’t work because there is no margin for profit. So, choose a product supplier with genuine wholesale prices.

  • You must choose a product source with high quality products. Frankly, eBay buyers have become overindulged and often unreasonable. They might tolerate a big online retail store selling them an inferior product without getting totally bent out of shape about it. But take this to the bank--they won’t cut you any slack and will almost certainly leave you bad feedback and ratings. So, make sure the products are up to snuff.

  • You must choose a product source who will keep you in the loop about low stock, so that you don’t oversell. Again---eBay buyers have become such pampered darlings that even though most wouldn’t bat an eye at having an order canceled by Sears or JC Penney; they’ll be out for your blood if you have to cancel their order due to the item being unavailable.

  • Be very careful about auctions. Bidding wars used to be the order of the day on the Bay, but not anymore. Nowadays, most items go for the opening bid and not a farthing more. So, if you think to avoid paying such high listing fees by starting your widgets off at $0.99 be prepared to have them sell for $0.99. Ouch! Fixed price is probably a better bet, plus it gets those impulse buyers who don’t want to wait for an auction to end. If you must list in auction format, it is highly recommended to start your opening bid at the lowest price you’re comfortable with selling your product.

  • You don’t have to spill your guts and reveal to your buyers that you’re dropshipping their products. But, you don’t need to lie or give them unrealistic time frames for delivery, either. Be honest about how long it will take for their package to arrive and all should be well. Be sure your dropship source ships securely and promptly!

You can enjoy tremendous success on eBay as a dropshipper if you watch your Ps and Qs! Ps and Qs!                                                                                                                                  


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Posted @ Wednesday, November 07, 2012 3:50 PM by Ken Hardy
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