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Carve Out a Great Ecommerce Niche: Video Game Dropship Sales


Did you know that you can carve out a very profitable ecommerce niche with video game dropship sales?

You can!

Video games are HOT and there doesn’t seem to be an end to their popularity in sight. Since the first games---primitive indeed by today’s standards but huge fun at the time---first came on the scene in the early 80s, people all over the world have enjoyed playing these fun and exciting games.

The Appeal of Video Games

There are probably all sorts of deep rooted, psychological explanations why most of us love playing video games. One theory that has made the rounds is that for the war and battle type genre, video games provide an outlet for the natural bent of males to engage in combat.

The games like PacMan and Super Mario and many others that require a player to navigate through treacherous situations and collect prizes along the way may help to satisfy our need to successfully overcome challenges and obstacles, persevering to a happy ending.

Plain Old Fun

But, maybe the biggest reason for the universal appeal of video games is that they’re fun.

They’re fun. Period.

There is nothing wrong with having fun. Fun is a good thing. It lowers our stress levels and stress hormones. It lowers our blood pressure. It raises levels of the “feel good” endorphins and chemicals.

Never underestimate the power of fun! When you dropship video games, you’re selling fun and there is no doubt whatsoever that you will have a huge target market of prospective buyers!

Video Games Sales Stats

First, let’s take a peek at the video game consoles sales, which are indicative of the popularity of the video game niche in general. We can probably safely assume that people who buy the consoles to play video games are going to buy video games, as well.

  • Nintendo revealed that 228,000 Wiis were sold in February (via PR email)
  • Microsoft revealed 426,000 Xbox 360 units were sold, with 42% of the home based console market share
  • Sony did not reveal any figures for the PS3
  • 360,000 PS3s were sold, a good result for Sony

The figures for US sales in February 2012 are below, ranked in order of number of sales :

  • Xbox 360: 426,000 (Total: 33.3 million; February 2011: 535,000 – down 20.4%)
  • PS3: 360,000 (Total: 20.3 million; February 2011: 403,000 – down 10.76%)
  • Wii: 228,000 (Total: 39.1 million; February 2011: 454,000
Source: Digital Digest

dropship video games

dropship video games

Here are some more interesting factoids:

Newzoo, a market research firm specializing in video games, estimates that  145 million Americans played a video game in 2011, more importantly 63 million Americans were actually willing to spent money on video games. Moreover, as the first generation of gamers is growing up, video games can no longer be considered child’s play: In 2011, 29% of Americans playing video games were older than 50 and only 18% were younger than 18.
Source: Statista.com

dropship video games

So, it seems obvious that if you have been thinking dropship video game sales would be to the teenaged market, you were wrong. Video games appeal to all age groups!

Also according to Statista, the most popular video game genres are:

  • Action
  • Sports
  • Shooter

If you want a niche with a high potential for great profits, dropship video games!


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Posted @ Monday, November 19, 2012 4:40 PM by Paul MaCaffe
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