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Ecommerce 101: Which Dropship Products to Sell?

which dropship products to sellIf you are dreaming of the day you can escape a dreary, dead end job and start up your own home business in ecommerce with dropshipping sales, you might be wondering which dropship products to sell.

If you think this is important to the success of your business---you’re right!

Which dropship products to sell is absolutely vitally important to whether or not your home business is thriving and profitable….or not.

You might have the best and most carefully plotted marketing strategies, making the most of:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • And More

You might work really hard and hold yourself to a well laid out plan and schedule, putting in the time and effort necessary to make money.

You might keep a close check on your website or your product listings if you’re selling on Amazon or eBay…..tweak your product descriptions to make them way above average and appealing to consumers….and so on.

But the grim truth is that if you aren’t dropshipping a product enough people want to keep you in sales---you will fall flat on your face in a dropship home business.

So, the first thing you have to do is to choose which dropship products to sell, and you will need to spend some time researching various niches until you find one that can support your home business.

If you do a Google search to try and get a handle on what niches and products are the hottest and best selling, it’s a mixed bag.

Some sources claim one set of niches is the tops, while others have a completely different view of the hottest and the best.

So, here are a few tips to help you decide which dropship products to sell:

  • Choose a niche that will allow you to add some value. What does this mean? It means that you should choose something in which your product descriptions and/or web content educates the shopper on what your product can do for them. What problem can it solve for them? You will discover that the majority of online shoppers that want to self assemble a dog house don’t ask, in a Google search: Where can I find cheap dog houses? Instead, they search for good quality, well made dog houses that they can put together themselves with a minimum of fuss and bother. The ecommerce entrepreneur who provides them with valuable information about assembling the dog house he or she is selling will almost certainly land the sale instead of one who merely gives the description of the finished product and a price.

  • Choose a niche that is basically confusing to most people. If this sounds weird, it really isn’t. By selecting a dropship niche that has most folks that want to buy it scratching their heads about how to use it or install it, you increase your ability to add value to your descriptions and content by giving them the knowledge they need in order to make an informed purchase.

  • Choose a niche with lots to build on. This simply means that when deciding which dropship products to sell, go for a niche that has a variety of add-ons or correlating products so that you can make more money by:

  • Cross selling
  • Up selling
  • Bundling

  • Choose a niche with a price point that most online shoppers won’t balk at, which according to e-tail analysts, is in the $100-$200 range. While products with hefty price tags such as a $1500 plasma television might be something ordinary online shoppers might back away from; they will come closer to pulling the trigger in a $150 item.

Do your homework; choose which dropship products to sell….and start your own home business!


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