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How to Access Dropship Products for a Home Business




 access dropship productsAnyone who is dreaming of breaking free from a deadly dull, low paying job that robs them of most of their time and energy in favor of earning money with a home business in ecommerce might be interested in finding out how to access dropship products.

Let us begin by saying that if you really want to work from home, you would be hard pressed to find a better start up business in ecommerce than dropshipping.

The dropship business model is absolutely one of the fastest, easiest and least costly of any online business to get up and running. It has the added advantage of making money literally right away without long delays of no income for you.

This lengthy period without income, after starting up a home business, is what deters and discourages many would-be entrepreneurs from taking the leap from punching a time clock to being their own boss.

But, in order to be successful in a home dropshipping business, you will need to learn how to access dropship products that will be good sellers for you and leave you a healthy margin of profit on each sale.

How to Access Dropship Products

You may have read that the best way to get dropship products is to go directly to the manufacturer.

Basically, if you are a small business person, this simply isn’t true.

When you approach a major manufacturer and broach the subject of getting dropship items directly from them, you are almost certainly going to find out that even if they’re willing to do it; there is a minimum number of products you must purchase.

That minimum is normally far outside the range of expense most start up home business people are able to afford. Bear in mind that with trye dropshipping services, you aren't required to purchase yoru products up front and only pay for each one as it sells and your customer has paid you for it.

So, we can probably safely nix this idea.

There are other ways to access dropship products. For example, you can Google a wide variety of dropshipping services and products sources online.
But it pays to be wary and look before you leap!

Many of the so-called “free” dropship product sources are, in reality, anything but free!

When you put your thinking cap on and apply some common sense to it, you will quickly realize that a free dropship product source is a myth. Really, why would any business do this?

Regardless of what type of business, the whole idea is to make money…to make a profit.

If a dropshipping product supplier provided all its services free of charge, how on earth would it make any money?

It wouldn’t.

So, it stands to reason this offer of “free” comes with some significant and probably very long strings attached. After all, there is a lot of work to be done in that sort of business. The items must be sourced from manufacturers, purchased, stored, have inventory control, packaging, shipping, postage, etc.

Factor in a staff to run all of these operations and you can see that there is no way anybody is going to offer all of that free.

Therefore, if they don’t charge even a nominal membership fee or fee for using their services; they have to make money somewhere else. Think about it. The only other place it could be is in the products themselves.

If you used one of these allegedly free dropshipping suppliers, you can count on paying considerably more for each product you sell. You can also probably count on paying retail or close to retail prices for those products, which leaves little or no room for profit.

If you had products that were selling like hotcakes and were making umpteen sales a day online; what good would it do you if you didn’t make enough profit to have a viable business earning you a healthy income?

If you said ‘None”---go to the head of the class.

So, to access dropship products that you can get at true wholesale prices, a small fee for the services isn’t out of line at all!


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