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7 Ways to Boost Sales on Dropshipping Products

boost dropshipping sales
If you want to ramp up your home ecommerce business income, you may be interested in these 7 ways to boost sales on dropshipping products!

One thing to be aware of right off the bat is that this is Prime Time for online shopping. People with winter holiday gift lists are already flocking to the internet in search of steals and deals, and every day closer to Christmas will mean more and more traffic.

So, you have a major opportunity between now and December 25th to get busy and get your fair share of all this extra spending!

Here are 7 ways to boost sales on dropshipping products in your ecommerce home business:

  • Use promotions to attract traffic to your dropship website or listings on Amazon, eBay, Bonanza…whatever venue you are using to sell your products. Get some great marketing emails written and start sending one out at least every few days to your subscribers.

  • Beef up your opt-in email subscription list. Actively solicit subscribers for the marketing emails you’ll be sending out for holiday shoppers. You might offer free shipping, half price shipping, or some other type of incentive to get visitors to sign up for your emails. If you’re worrying about the money you’ll lose on these incentives, look at it this way: sometimes you have to spend money to make money. This is one of those times.

  • Get busy with social media marketing. Facebook and Twitter can work wonders to drive traffic to your dropship products. You might have a holiday themed contest, for example, on Facebook. Be sure to decorate your Fan Page in a holiday décor that will put folks in a festive mood.

  • Make sure your listings and web pages are mobile device friendly. Internet research has shown a huge surge in shopping and buying done with mobile devices such as iPhones, and you need to keep up with the pack or be left behind.

  • Use plenty of trust and security symbols to overcome online buyer fear of getting ripped off. This is a very real and very big problem for ecommerce. By displaying your trust and safety symbols conspicuously, it often provides hesitant buyers with that little bit of extra reassurance needed to go ahead and make a purchase.

  • Make sure your product descriptions give shoppers all of the info they need in order to buy. Always remember that this is vitally important for online shopping because people are unable to actually see and touch the product. Therefore, have fantastic photos and adequate descriptions.

  • Use cross selling, up selling and bundling to boost sales and revenue. Here is an example of bundling: You are selling snow skis and you offer a bundled price for skis, ski wax and ski bags. (or similar products that correlate with snow skis.) The bundled price is lower than buying each item separately, which is an incentive to shoppers to go ahead and buy the bundle.

All of these tips will help you boost sales on dropshipping products, so start using them now and make the most of this lucrative holiday shopping!


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