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6 Steps to Successful Dropship Selling on eBay

dropship selling eBayWhile we may get irate with eBay due to their constant “disruptive changes” and seller unfriendly policies, the fact remains that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the world of ecommerce, so you might be glad to get a few tips for successful dropship selling on eBay.

eBay and Amazon are the two giant online marketplaces. Both are good venues for dropship selling, and don’t believe any of the stuff you might read or hear to the contrary.

True, there have been those who tried to dropship on eBay and were dismal failures.

But, look at it this way: those folks may well have been dismal failures at any other undertaking, not just eBay. If your work habits are lousy, if you give lousy customer service or use a crummy wholesale products source that sends out inferior, substandard items that are going to malfunction right off the bat; your buyers will be unhappy and you will not be successful dropship selling on eBay.

Is this the fault of the dropship business model?

Of course not.

The truth is that there are many who are successful as dropship sellers on eBay. Amazon, too, but we’re focusing on eBay at the moment.

Success with dropshipping on eBay depends on a combination of things. Here are 7 steps to successful dropship selling on eBay:

  • Research your niche thoroughly. Regardless of where you sell---eBay or anywhere else, online or off---you must be offering a product that is in demand by enough people to ensure you a steady stream of traffic and sales. Your niche is crucial to the success of your dropshipping efforts on eBay. Choose a hot item in great demand and, provided you do everything else right, you are almost bound to do well.

  • Make sure the price is right for your dropship products. If you price your items too high, you will not get many sales. Especially since you almost certainly won’t be the only seller who has a particular widget. If your competitors are offering the product for considerably less than your price, why would shoppers want to buy from you? Research and determine the average market price and go with it.
  • Have fantastic titles! Your titles are of utmost important on eBay. First of all, this is how the search engines find the products shoppers are looking for. For example, if a shopper does a search for “mink coat” and you are selling a mink coat; your item will show up in the search results provided you have those keywords in your title. Use your main keywords as close to the beginning of your title as possible. For instance, if you are selling a pair of Levi jeans, your title should say “Levi Jeans” in the first two words. You can fluff it out with style, size and other stuff after you get those all-important keywords in there.

  • Have fantastic images! Remember that online shoppers are unable to actually see or touch your dropship products, so your pictures should be great. Offer several views of the widget if possible, including at least one close up shot. Tweak your photos to make them look professional. Take a free online course in digital photography to help you take really good photos if you need some help. It will pay off in increased sales!

  • Use fantastic descriptions! Again, since eBay shoppers can’t really see the items you’re selling, tell them about them in great and comprehensive detail. A good rule of thumb for ecommerce is to take your pictures as though there is no description and write your descriptions as though there were no pictures. Be sure to cover every important detail. This not only provides shoppers with enough info to make a buying decision, it also cuts way down on the number of questions you’ll have to answer.

  • Give excellent customer service! Customer service will make or break you in the sales business and this is especially true on eBay. Since buyers are able to leave feedback and rate your products, communication, shipping time and costs….you need to make customer service a priority. If you get much bad feedback or many low ratings, you won’t be selling on eBay long. While some people adhere to the philosophy that the customer is always right, they might have missed the point of this wise old saying. It probably doesn’t mean that the customer is always literally right, but that you should act as if this were the case, for the sake of your business. Again, this is even more true on eBay since your customers have the power to end your selling career.

Use these 6 steps for successful dropship selling on eBay and you should be fine!


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