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Dropshipping: An Ideal Business for Work at Home Moms!

work at home moms dropshippingDid you know that dropshipping is an ideal business for work at home moms?

If you are tired of leaving your kids at a day care or with a babysitter and long to stay at home with them, but need an income; dropshipping is tailor made for you!

Many others in the same boat as you are choosing to be WAHMs, or Work At Home Moms. A lot of these mompreneurs say that when they sat down and put pencil and paper to it---factoring in every extra expense incurred by working outside the home, no matter how trivial---they were leaving their children for almost literally nothing.

This makes sense.

Just look at some of the expenses that are part and parcel of working outside the home when you have children:

  • Daycare or babysitting
  • Extra fuel to take the kids and pick them back up
  • Packed lunches or a fee for lunches
  • Snacks
  • Takeout food because you’re too exhausted to cook dinner
  • Clothes for you to wear to work
  • And much more

Now, contrast this to your work situation when you become a stay at home, work at home mom:

  • When you’re at home with your kids all day, there is no expense for child care.

  • You can prepare inexpensive and nutritious lunches, dinners and snacks for all of you instead of grabbing take out at a fast food place.

  • No more burning up costly fuel for your car going back and forth to work and taking the kids back and forth to wherever they stay while you’re away at a job.

  • Nor will you have to invest in a special wardrobe that you wear only to the workplace.

  • No more long commutes, eating up time and money.

  • And More!

The advantages of being a work at home mom are many and perhaps the most important benefit of all is that you will be there with and for your children while they’re young and need you.

You can’t hang a price tag in something as precious as that.

The WAHM Statistics

CNN Money recently (last month) published some very interesting stats for WAHMs. Take a look at the numbers and you should get an idea of just how popular becoming a work at home mom really is:

  • CNN Money said that “the number of Americans working from home has soared 41% in the last decade."

  • This means that there are around 13.4 million people currently working from home offices in the US alone.

  • In the interval between 2000 & 2010, the number of federal government jobs being done from home jumped by 133% for state employees and 88% for federal employees.

  • The private sector working from home offices has increased by 67%.
Source: CNN Money

Get the picture? Working from home or having a home business is on the rise because people are successful and earning great incomes---in many cases, far and above what they made working outside the home.

This could not be truer than for moms or dads with kids!

Although you usually see references to WAHMs, the fact is that there are more and more single fathers who would find working from home enormously beneficial to themselves and their child or children.

Dropshipping is an ideal work at home business for moms or dads because it is extremely inexpensive to start-up, as well as fast and simple…plus you can start making money immediately!


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