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3 Ways to Increase Dropship Business Sales

dropship businessWith the holidays and plenty of extra money flowing through the internet as shoppers buy for those on their gift lists, you may be interested in 3 ways to increase dropship business sales.

The sales business---online or off---is not that hard to understand.

If there is a demand for a certain product or service and you supply that demand…you will make money and be successful, provided you do everything else right.

Doing everything else right involves a few basic things:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Offering high quality dropship products
  • Good work habits

If you take care of all of the above and have chosen a niche with a large enough demand to keep you in a steady stream of traffic and prospective buyers; you can reasonably expect to be successful.

But, while you’re fine with being successful and making money, there is nothing whatsoever wring with setting your sights a little higher and aiming to be even more successful and make even more money.

Therefore, 3 tried and true ways to rev up your dropship business sales might come in extra handy during the winter holiday shopping season! So, here they are:

I. This is a great time to really focus on social media marketing! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more are all fantastic social p0latforms. But, have you considered Pinterest? If not, because you think it wouldn’t be worth the time and agro; you may want to re-think it! Pinterest is enormously popular and especially with holiday shoppers because they can “pin” your products to Pinterest boards for wish lists or gift ideas. Guess what? It’s free! You should also offer special free shipping or discount codes to your social media fans or followers. Many big box retailers and major companies are using social media to build a following and one way they’re accomplishing this is to offer an incentive of some sort for someone following or liking them. Yes, you might be out a few bucks, but the ROI, or Return On Investment, would be rich compared to the same amount of money spent on traditional advertising!

II. Post a holiday shopping calendar on your site so that shoppers can clearly see how many more days they have to shop and buy online and still get the item delivered by the day Santa makes his run. A lot of people simply are unaware of how little time they have left because they let the holidays creep up on them. By having a special holiday shopping calendar prominently displayed on your site, or your eBay and/or Amazon listings, you’ll almost definitely net more sales by reminding those that tend to procrastinate so that they go ahead and make a purchase instead of waiting.

III. Offer more than one payment method. Credit and debit cards are fine, but with so much hacking going on, a lot of internet shoppers are naturally leery of sharing this data. Paypal is a good alternative, as is Google Checkout, to a lesser degree. There are multiple advantages to offering both Paypal and Google Checkout to your customers as payment methods. One is that Paypal, especially, is extremely well known and trusted. Millions of people have Paypal accounts. Another benefit that applies equally to both Paypal and Google Checkout is that since buyers have already stored their debit or credit card info into these accounts, they don’t have to do it again. So, it’s fast and you avoid that stumbling block of asking shoppers to divulge their financial info. Win-win!

Use these 3 ways to increase dropship business sales this holiday season and all year long!


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