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Dropship Business Tips: Focus on Getting Customers Instead of Sales

dropship tipsIf you want to make your home business as successful and profitable as it can possibly be, you might like this dropship tip: focus on getting customers instead of sales.

You may be wondering what the difference is between the two---getting sales or getting customers.

Actually, there is a big difference. That being said, we should take note that the desired end result of both is the same; which is, of course, making money.

So, how do we differentiate between building customers and building sales?

Making Customers or Making Sales?

Although your principal goal is to make as much money as possible in your home dropship business, if you go about it right, you can gradually work toward making this objective easier and easier to meet.

Over time, if you concentrate and really work at building not just sales but customers, your dropship business will become more and more profitable, with less and less effort on your part.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

When you work at building customers as opposed to building sales, you are working smarter instead of harder.


Because, as mentioned above, if you put customers above sales, you will find that as time goes by, you are building an ever increasing base of loyal repeat customers.

Repeat customers are golden!

Here are a few reasons why you should put a high value on working to build a broad repeat customer base:

  • Research has shown that the lifetime value of a repeat customer is at least 10 to 20 times that of a one time sale customer.

  • Repeat customers are wonderful brand advocates for your dropship products and business, spreading the word and expanding your sphere of influence exponentially.

  • Repeat customers require a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new customer in terms of advertising and promotions.

  • Repeat customers are known to you. You know the type of products they are likely to want and/or need and it is therefore much easier to zero in on newsletters and promotions geared specifically for them.

  • Repeat customers know you. If, heaven forbid, a repeat customer has a bad experience with a dropship product purchased from you, this customer is far more likely to cut you some slack and give you the benefit of the doubt simply because they have dealt with you before and all was copacetic in previous transactions. This can save black marks on your online reputation.

So, you can see that if you change your thinking and shift more toward making repeat customers instead of a one-time sale….you’ll be well pleased with the results.

How to Build Customers

There are various things you can do to build a valuable repeat customer base. Here are a few tips to help you be proactive about getting customers instead of just sales:

  • Think more about the ownership experience of a dropship product you sell, rather than the buying experience. Yes, it’s important to provide shoppers with a great buying experience. But, over and above that, do whatever you can to ensure these buyers have an equally great ownership experience with the product they bought from you. This approach will help acquire repeat customers instead of those who only buy from you once.

  • Stay in touch if you can. Always have an opt-in email subscription so that buyers can sign up to receive marketing emails from you. Even if you are selling on eBay, you can have your buyers sign up to get emails showcasing your new products, sales and promotions.

  • Show your customers that you appreciate your business. Quite frankly, you should appreciate their business! The internet is a big place and unless you’re exceptionally lucky, there are plenty of competitors selling the exact dropship products as you. Shoppers have many choices of who to buy from, so if they choose to buy from you; make sure you express your appreciation and even offer some incentive such as free or half price shipping, a percent-off coupon or whatever to express your thanks and invite them to buy from you again.

There are a lot more ways to build repeat customers, but the main idea in this dropship tip is to focus on getting more customers instead of just getting more sales!


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