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Dropship News: The Shape of Things to Come for Ecommerce

dropship trends 20132012 has been a fairly tough year for retailers in traditional brick and mortar stores, but e-tail stores and ecommerce endeavors such as a home dropship business have experienced growth.

Ecommerce analysts have studied the situation and made certain predictions for success in online business in 2013. If you want your online dropship business to keep abreast of the pack, or better yet, pull ahead of your competitors, here are a few suggestions:

  • During the next year, you can reasonably expect to see more and more shoppers accessing the internet to browse and buy via mobile devices. It is therefore vitally important to the health of your ecommerce home business that you make sure your website is mobile friendly and accessible to devices such as iPhones and iPads. This is very much a case of you snooze, you lose; because road warrior shoppers will drop you like a hot potato and head for a site that is compatible with their mobiles if you don’t get with the program.

  • Back in the day, many people would take a friend along when they went shopping in order to get the benefit of a second opinion. Nowadays, though, instead of inviting a friend or two to tag along, people shopping online can take their entire social network along for lots of other opinions. Sites such as Pinterest have become real popular real quick and many people are “pinning’ favorites and making lists online that guide others within their spheres of influence to a buying decision. You should definitely make sure you are on board with this!

  • Social media marketing is huge. Make no mistake about it---it’s here for the duration. But, here’s the thing: in the coming year, you should be putting more emphasis on engagement with fans and followers and less on the number of fans and followers you accrue. Internet researchers all agree that in today’s society, shoppers want to interact, so give them what they want and engage with them (and their friends) to drive traffic to your dropship website and make sales. This works equally well if you sell on eBay or Amazon or another venue.

  • 2013 is expected to see a significant increase in video usage. Now that more internet users have faster speeds and dial up is basically a dinosaur for the majority of the online global population, videos slowing your site down is no longer a concern or problem. People generally react very well to videos, so be sure to use them wisely to boost dropship sales for your home business.

  • Not only is the way we shop online changing, but so is the way we pay for the things we buy online. Payment options will be more important than ever in 2013. Naturally, you will want to continue to accept all major credit cards, but you should also consider Google Checkout and if you don’t offer Paypal as a payment option---you’re losing sales! Paypal, by the way, is fully integrated with mobile devices.

Use these trend predictions tips to make sure you have a successful and profitable new year for your dropship business!


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