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Dropship News: 6 Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Conversion Rate

dropship conversion rateIf you have a dropship ecommerce home business, you may be focusing too much on driving traffic to your website or listings and not enough on converting that traffic to sales.

You can drive traffic until the cows come home, but if you aren’t making a reasonable number of sales from all those visitors---you’re in serious trouble and can anticipate nothing except the ultimate demise of your work at home business.

This would be a shame for many reasons, not least among them that if you can’t make a living working from home you’ll be forced back out into the Rat Race, which; in case you didn’t know---the rats are winning.

Who wants that?

Right. So, if you have crunched the numbers and made the grim discovery that your conversion rate is abysmal, here are 6 useful tips to help you improve it and along with it, of course…your income:

  • Internet retail research has shown that having product demo videos can significantly increase your conversion rate, especially if you have dropship products that are technical or otherwise somewhat complicated. Videos help shoppers get a clear idea of what your products do and how they work. You might be surprised at home many potential buyers are more than a little intimidated by techie stuff, which can be a stumbling block on the road to a sale. By having a video to demystify the widget, you are helping convert a browser to a buyer.

  • User reviews are another very powerful weapon in your arsenal of converting shoppers to customers. In fact, most internet shoppers these days want products reviews and many of them, according to a study conducted by iperceptions about 61%, read reviews before committing to buy. The same study showed that approximately 63% of online shoppers are more inclined to make a purchase from a site with user reviews.

  • Use large images, or at least not teeny tiny images. This is a big no no with ecommerce! Why? Because online shoppers are in a virtual world where they are unable to actually see or touch the dropship product they are considering buying. By providing great images, you are making it much easier for these shoppers to pull the trigger and buy from you. Be sure to use enough images to display different facets of the product.

  • Be sure to show safety and security symbols! It’s a leap of faith for the average person to buy something online since they have no way of knowing anything at all about you, your products or your business. They worry, with good reason, about plastering their personal and financial info on the internet. By displaying your trust and security symbols prominently, you help to allay these fears so that a shopper feels comfortable about buying.

  • Be clear and up front about delivery info as well as your return policy and process. Again, as it is a stretch for many online shoppers to buy sight unseen, many want to have the security blanket of knowing they can return the item if it fails to live up to their expectations. You also need to be forthright and honest about an approximate delivery date. It isn’t necessary to go into the whole spiel about using a dropshipper to ship their products, but do tell the truth about a time frame for delivery. You’ll have far less problems than if you mislead customers and they get ill because their product hasn’t arrived when you said it would.

  • Write great descriptions! This is one area that a surprising number of ecommerce entrepreneurs fall way down in. Don’t content yourself with the brief descriptions often found on dropship supplier websites. In many cases, these are bare bones and not compelling sales copy, which is what you want. Work on writing good copy that converts to sales. Have a clear call to action!

Use these tips to improve the conversion rate of your home dropship business and you’ll soon find yourself making more sales and money!


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