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4 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Home Dropship Business Holiday Sales

boost dropship sales holidaysAnyone with an ecommerce home dropship business may be interested in finding out about 4 ways to boost sales during the current holiday season.

One thing you can count on---sales are up during the holidays as hordes of shoppers flock online to buy gifts for everyone of their lists. Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds as more and more people all around the world discover the ease and convenience of turning to the internet for purchases.

Forget burning up fuel and wasting time, driving from store to store and elbowing your way through irate crowds of other shoppers who have lost whatever spirit of good will and cheer they might have had to begin with.

When you shop online, you’re snug as a bug in a rug; either at home or your workplace or wherever else you access the internet.

Here are four ways to help you get your fair share of all the extra money flowing through the World Wide Web this holiday season:

I. Think like a brick and mortar store as far as decorating. Use holiday themes and graphics (no flash please) and make your website or listings on Amazon or eBay look festive. This helps put shoppers in a holiday mood and into a buying mode. You don’t have to hire a team of graphic artists to liven up your listings or sire for these winter holidays. Use simple, free graphics or clip art, or visit a site such as istockphoto,com for low priced images to dress things up a bit.

II. Work on cross promotions, bundling and up selling. This is a prime time to utilize those time tested techniques for boosting sales and revenue. For example, if someone adds a bottle of fragrance to their cart, offer them a good deal on a bundle of products in the same brand line. You might have a bundle with the fragrance, body powder and lotion, for instance; at a lower price than buying each product individually. You might also include a little informational blurb about the benefits of “layering” a favorite scent.

III. Offer a clear and generous Return Policy! Online shoppers are naturally leery of buying things they are unable to really see or touch. So, make it easier for them by having a good Return Policy and posting it prominently. Ditto for trust and security symbols. Reassure visitors that your site is secure and they’ll be more likely to feel comfortable enough to buy from you.

IV. Internet research has shown that shoppers are much more likely to pull the trigger on an online deal if it includes free shipping. Take a look at this list of reasons survey participants gave for not buying online or from a catalog retailer, in a recent study by Alix Partners:

  • Need to see or touch the item before purchasing (37%)
  • Cost of delivery too high (36%)
  • Concerns about quality or freshness of a product (26%)
  • Ease of returning the item (20%)
  • Loss or damage in transit (17%)
  • Concerns about the size or fit (16%)
  • Better selection in local store (15%)
  • Concern about getting the right part or item (13%)
  • Better total price in local store (13%)
  • Installation service unavailable (11%)
  • Arranging for removal of old item (11%)
  • Difficult to get item into the house once delivered (10%)
  • Not at home during the day to receive shipments (10%)
  • Too long to deliver (10%)
  • Service on item after purchased (9%)
  • Concern with getting a different item than ordered (7%)
  • Privacy concerns (4%)
  • Can’t track the item while in transit (3%)
  • Weekend delivery required (3%)

Do you see Number Two? Cost of delivery too high. It’s the second biggest reason why internet shoppers abandon shopping carts. To remedy this, factor in the cost of shipping to your retail price and give people what they want---free shipping.

Use these tips to boost holiday sales for your ecommerce home dropship business!


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