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Dropship Tips: How to Compete with Amazon & eBay

dropship business eBay AmazonIf you don’t fancy the idea of paying big fees to either of the two giant ecommerce marketplaces for your dropship product sales, you might opt for having your own website and it would help a lot to find out how to compete with these two giants.

Now, your first thought may be that there is no earthly way that you, one tiny work at home ecommerce entrepreneur, could possibly compete with eBay or Amazon.

To a large extent and in many ways that is all too true.

However, there are things an enterprising dropship business owner can do to compete with the two largest venues on the World Wide Web. Read on to find out what you can do!

Same Day Delivery?

Amazon, eBay and Walmart are in the midst of a Clash of the Titans sort of battle revolving around same day delivery. While you cannot reasonably expect to get in on that fight with any chances of winning, there’re other ways you can compete with---and win---in the battle that rages 24/7 for internet shoppers and sales.

There was some very interesting info in a recent Monotype Brand Perfect survey. Look at some of the survey findings about ecommerce and how it plays out with the average online shopper:

  • 40% of US online shoppers don’t rate the top online stores highly

  • Slow loading (64%) and problems finding a product (55%) are the two top things that irritate online shoppers

  • 29% of respondents cited poor website performance and design as a reason for leaving a site without making a purchase
  • The good, the bad and the ugly---good or bad, 9 out of 10 US shoppers share their bad online shopping experiences with others

  • More than 50% of consumers will leave a Big Box website without buying

  • 90% of consumers won’t put up with a site that doesn’t function as good as it looks and will hit the back button if this is the case

So, going by this data, it doesn’t matter if a website is a giant such as eBay or Amazon, because if the site or the experience isn’t up to snuff, consumers will exit without buying. This isn’t much of a problem with Amazon but eBay’s site is a train wreck a majority of the time, possibly due to it being in a constant state of flux as developers, anxious to earn their salaries somehow one would suppose, tweak and re-tweak things that worked fine to begin with.

eBay’s philosophy seems to be: If it ain’t broke, break it.

This means that you, provided you maintain an excellently performing website for your dropship business, really do have a chance of running with the big dogs.

Three Rules From a Top Ecommerce CEO

Billy Bosworth, the CEO of DataStax http://www.datastax.com/ runs the company that powers software for big data from mobile, social media, and Web traffic and transforms it into smaller blocks of information. The company’s customers include Adobe, eBay, and Netflix. Bosworth recently told Forbes magazine that there are some simple things a small e-commerce company can do to compete with Big Box stores such as eBay and Amazon.

Here are Billy Bosworth’s three rules for competing with big online merchants:

1. Keep your shopping cart up and running smoothly---and quickly---at all times. If your cart is down, or even slow, your customers will abandon it and leave.

2. Your website must be able to meet the demand put on it, regardless of whether you have one visitor or a thousand. There are an amazing number of sites that crash and go down under the weight of heavy traffic, costing an untold number of sales. Make sure your dropship website is ready to scale up, or scale down, to meet the demands of traffic.

Use real time recommendation engines for hot ticket items. This is the way to cross sell and up sell, striking while the iron is hot. Speed is essential, but don’t overlook real time recommendations for bigger and better sales in your online dropship business.

Use this info and tips to help your dropship business compete with the big boys like Amazon and eBay!


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