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Dropship Tips: How to Build Your Ecommerce Home Business Brand

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Building your brand can pay big dividends if you have a dropship ecommerce home business, so you may find a few tips to help you do this quite helpful!

What exactly is your brand?

Your brand, basically, is these four things:

  1. Your Voice
  2. Your Visuals
  3. Your Value
  4. Your Special-ness

Let’s take a look at these things one by one and explain in a little more detail what they are as relating to your brand.

Your Voice

Your Voice speaks about your dropship ecommerce business and its products. It should be brief, but pack a punch and get right to the heart of the matter. For example, when you think of big box brands such as Walmart or Kentucky Fried Chicken, what are the first things that pop into your mind? Walmart is a big store with a little of everything, low priced. KFC is fried chicken. Starbucks is coffee. You get the idea. So, when you are focusing on your Voice in building your brand, work hard to keep it simple but very self explanatory and something that will be easily remembered and recognized.

Your Visuals

Your Visuals need to work in much the same way as your Voice in branding. One thing to bear in mind is that consumers have different ways of relating to and recalling a brand. Some may be able to “get” your brand with nothing but the Voice, while others need Visuals only. Some people need both. If you use a distinctive logo or avatar for your brand and use it freely on your web site, eBay or Amazon listings, all the social media sites your frequent, your emails and other marketing, this will be tremendous help in branding your business.

Your Value

Value is not about the price of your dropship items, it’s the perceived value you create for shoppers by zeroing in on what the product can do for them. What problem can it solve? Why do they need it? You need to establish a need in order for your product to be perceived by a shopper as having value. Once you show potential customers why they need your product and what problem it can solve for them, they will place a high value on it.

Your Special-Ness

What is meant by special-ness? It’s the thing that sets you apart from your competitors….the thing that elevates your ecommerce business to the top of the heap……the special something that convinces shoppers they should buy from you instead of someone else. There are a variety of ways to go about illustrating what makes your business special. One very effective way to do this is to post Customer Reviews of your products, as well as Customer Testimonials. Another way is to emphasize your superior customer service. Retail research has shown that the average person is fed up with poor customer service. Make it a point to let prospective customers know that they won’t have to jump through umpteen hoops to contact someone who will help them with whatever problem or question they might have.

Building your brand will do big things for your ecommerce dropship sales and is something you can do without spending a small fortune, so get started today and start reaping the benefits right away!


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