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3 Ways to Improve User Experience & Boost Ecommerce Dropship Sales

dropship ecommerceIf you have an online home dropship business, you might be interested in picking up a few tips for improving the user experience to increase sales.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs should pay close attention to many things:

  • Store Design or Listings
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Images
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Niche Market
  • And More

However important all those and related things may be, though, one biggie to never lose sight of is the experience customers have on your dropship website or your listings on eBay, Amazon or another online marketplace.

User experience can make or break your dropship home business!

About Ecommerce User Experience

Did you know that, according to internet retail analysts, the average website has a bounce rate of 74% or more?


Yes! Three fourths or even more of the visitors to your dropship website will leave without buying, which is what bounce rate means. Shocking though this may be, it’s all too true and learning how to improve the user experience to help lower that ghastly percentage would greatly increase your bottom line.

Most of this high bounce rate can be attributed to a poor user experience. Visitors arrive at your site and for one reason or another, aren’t happy with it and consequently leave.

It’s easy to see that fixing the problems with your dropship site that is causing this mass exodus will be a huge boon to your conversion rate. This will not only provide you with a lot greater income from your home business, but it will also elevate your rankings in search with Google and other search engines since they give brownie points to sites with high conversion rates and basically penalize sites with low conversion rates.

3 Ways to Improve User Experience

So, without further ado, let’s look at 3 ways you can improve the user experience in your ecommerce dropship business:

I. Search: The search function on your dropship website is critically important. It needs to be intuitive, be able to search for words that are misspelled, relevant and most of all---work correctly without giving a shopper the wrong results or worse yet, sending someone to an error page. If a shopper is unable to easily find what they’re looking for on your site, they’ll go somewhere else and they won’t waste much time in doing it, either.

II. Shopping Cart: Your shopping cart is hugely important! This is one place in the sales funnel that is notorious for leaking and losing visitors before they make a purchase. It should be fast, accurate, show shoppers the shipping charges and any applicable sales tax. Do not try to show extra charges on the payment page, such as handling charges, for instance. This really makes people angry, with good reason, and most will exit your site post haste if you try to pull a sneaky stunt like that.

III. Trust and Security: Online shoppers are understandably leery about where they share personal and financial data such as payment info. Soother their fears by displaying trust and security symbols prominently on your dropship website. Additionally, internet shoppers are wary of internet merchants since they have to take you on blind faith if you’re a small business. Allay their fears that you might be a crook or a scammer by showing full contact info, BBB seal if you have one, testimonials from satisfied customers, etc.

Using these three simple ways to improve the user experience on your ecommerce dropship website will repay you with a boost in sales and income!


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