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3 Ways to Increase Sales of Your Dropship Items

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If you have an ecommerce dropshipping home business, you might like to hear about 3 ways you can increase sales of your dropship items and make more money.

After all, even though you love working from home and being your own boss, making money is what it’s all about, right? You may have heard that the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about, but it isn’t. When you have your own business, your first priority and chief goal is to make money….as much of it as you possibly can!

So, picking up some tips and pointers on things you can do to improve your sales of dropship items and boost your bottom line can be quite important to you and help you boost your business success to even greater heights in the coming new year.

Here are 3 handy ways to increase sales of your dropship items:

Email Marketing: This is an extremely good way to increase sales of your dropship items! You must implement an opt-in subscription list on your website or include it in your eBay auctions. Get as many subscribers as you can, but here is a word of caution---don’t make this a prerequisite of checkout. If you do, you will contribute to shopping cart abandonment. Remember to keep your eye on the ball, which in this case is making the sale. Then go for the email subscription. You can pick up more subscribers if you offer a little freebie of some sort to make it more appealing to shoppers to agree to receive emails from you. You don’t have to give away the store. A free ebook, half price or free shipping, a $ off coupon on the next purchase….any of these may motivate visitors and buyers to opt-in to your email subscription list. Send marketing emails at regular intervals and don’t fill them up with things about your business that don’t interest your subscribers, such as your new office furniture or that you hired a helper. Instead, make the newsletter or email about promotions, contests, announcement of new products---things that are of value to the consumer.

Browser Friendly: Make sure that your website is browser friendly. People use a variety of browsers nowadays and you will lose customers and sales if you don’t ensure that your site is accessible and can be viewed on the popular browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome and others. You should also be doubly sure that your site is mobile device friendly! This is of prime importance since a growing number of shoppers are browsing and buying with their mobile devices and this trend is forecast to keep growing. According to Internet Retailer, 25.3% of traffic to retail sites on Thanksgiving Day this year came from smartphones and tablets, up 66.2% from Thanksgiving Day last year, and mobile devices accounted for 18.3% of purchases, up 65.3%.

Free Shipping: If you can offer free shipping, by all means do so as it will increase your sales of dropship items dramatically! Here is what Internet Retailer had to say about free shipping: “In a survey of 52 retailers conducted by Shop.org after the 2011 holiday season, retailers ranked promotions such as discounts as the top marketing tool to drive sales. Free shipping without conditions ranked second and free shipping with conditions, such as a minimum purchase requirement, came in third.” Online shoppers love free shipping! The best way for you to do this and not lose any money is to simply factor the cost of shipping into the purchase price. You still have the psychological advantage of offering free shipping, without hurting your profits.

Use these 3 ways to increase sales of your dropship items and start making more money today!


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