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Want to Grow Your Online Dropship Business? Try Blogging!

dropship business bloggingIf you want to grow your online dropship business, try blogging!

Many ecommerce entrepreneurs have already discovered the benefits of a blog for their online dropship business, and you can start to reap those same benefits for yourself if you start blogging.

A blog offers you a fantastic way to interact with others and can be tremendously beneficial in building your brand, as well as promoting your dropship business.

Starting and Maintaining a Business Blog

Starting your business blog is very easy. You need to decide which blogging platform you want to use. WordPress and HubSpot are two favorites. Wordpress is free, and there are a ton of free apps for it, too. It’s extremely user friendly.

Once you get your blog set up, it’s time to start adding content.

This is an area where you need to proceed carefully. Although your primary objective is to build your brand and promote your dropship business, you don’t want to come across like a snake oil salesman with too much hype about your dropship products or business in general.

Instead, provide content that will be valuable in some way to readers. It might be informative, educational, even humorous. The main thing is to write blog posts that the average person interested in your niche might enjoy reading. For example, if your niche is pet supplies, you don’t have to confine your blog posts to articles about pet supplies. You can broaden your scope to include informative posts about pet health, games for pets and more along those lines.

A good rule of thumb is to have no more than 20% of your blog articles focused solely on your dropship business.

Be Consistent

A business blog, in order to be effective, needs to have fresh, relevant content added on a consistent basis. You really should post at least a couple of articles a day, if possible. It’s okay to skip a day every now and then, but try not to miss two or more days in a row without a new blog post.

Use good SEO in your dropship business blog. Google will pick up your blog posts in real time if they provide valuable, relevant content, so use best SEO practices to help the search engine crawlers find your blog.

Interact with Others

Interaction with others is an important benefit of your dropship business blog. Allow comments and reply to them when advisable. You’ll have a few trolls occasionally who don’t have anything better to do than post snaky comments on other people’s blogs. Delete them. Don’t dignify these comments with an answer. Just ignore them and they’ll go away. But, for the most part, you do want to respond to the comments readers make on your blog.

Interaction of this sort can help you make new customers and also help to minimize damage if someone posts a comment that is a complaint about your dropship product or business.

Use Media

Blogs don’t have to consist of words alone. In fact, it’s best that they don’t. Use images, videos, charts and graphs….even surveys and polls to liven things up a little and make your blog content more interesting.

The average internet user adores video and polls, and almost everybody likes images. So, incorporate these things into your blog posts and be sure to use SEO with them, as well.

These tips can help you build and maintain a great online dropship business with the help of blogging!


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