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7 Tips to Improve Mobile Marketing for Your Dropship Business

mobile marketing for dropship businessAccording to internet research analysts, mobile commerce is growing by leaps and bounds and predicted to get even bigger as time goes on, so you might find it helpful to get these 7 tips to help you improve mobile marketing for your ecommerce dropship business.

What is mobile commerce?

Mobile commerce refers to the practice of shopping and buying online via a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or another similar device. As more and more people are acquiring mobile devices such as these, they are using them to browse and shop on the internet.

If you want to maintain a competitive edge within your niche, it is imperative that you make sure your dropship business website or listings are mobile device friendly, meaning that those who are shopping by way of their mobiles can access your products.

Failure to do this will result in the loss of a lot of sales for your home business!

Mobile Marketing

With the swift popularity of shopping on mobile devices comes the need to use mobile marketing techniques, or marketing geared specifically to mobile device users.

Here are 7 helpful tips to get you off to good start with mobile marketing:

  • When using multimedia to offer coupons, deals and promotions, be sure to assign a promo code to each coupon in order to track who is using what.

  • Be careful about over texting! Even though most online shoppers appreciate promotions and coupons, you don’t want to bombard them with a barrage of texts, no matter what deals you are offering. This is a good way to get yourself blocked. Ouch! You also, by law, must offer an opt-out.

  • Test various mobile devices to make sure your mobile website and browser is functioning properly. If it isn’t, you can lose a lot of potential customers.

  • Use QR codes to interact with shoppers and show them your products, deals, etc. A QR code, or Quick Response code, is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode that can be scanned with a mobile device. Originally designed in Japan for the automotive industry, its patent holder has generously declined to exercise the patent rights so we can all use QR codes. There are free QR code generators available online.

  • Use a quiz, poll or survey that mobile device users can easily answer as a way of engaging with them and also to gain insight into what they think and feel, as well as their buying and shopping habits.

  • As with so many other things in life, timing is important. Research and surveys have shown that mobile devices are used most between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm. While it might depend on the product to some extent, generally speaking the best time to send a marketing campaign is mid to late afternoon.

  • When you want a response, go with SMS instead of emails. Research says that only about 25% of emails are opened, as compared to 95% of text messages. Big difference, huh? Also, text messages usually get a response much faster, within an hour on average.

Mobile marketing can help your dropship business be successful, so if you aren’t already using it---start today!


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