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Home Business Tip: Firearm Dropship Sales are Going Great Guns!

firearm dropship salesThe recent tragedies and mass shooting sprees across the nation have caused gun sales to boom, no pun intended, and the result is that this is a prime time for firearm dropship sales for any enterprising ecommerce entrepreneur who wants to get in on a hot niche.

Guns are flying off the shelves in gun shops and every retail store that sells firearms all over the country. In fact, since the election in November, many gun shops report a 400% increase in sales! People are scared because of the senseless violence and buying guns for self protection. They are also panicked that the increased killings will mean stringent gun control for the United States and they soon won’t be able to purchase guns.

This is highly unlikely. In the United States of America, we have a constitutional right to bear arms and it’s doubtful that this is subject to change. However, from 1994 to 2004, there was legislation in place to ban the sale of the type of assault weapons used in the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, the movie theater shootings in Colorado and several other places recently.

Unfortunately, that ban was allowed to expire. It seems possible that it will be put back in place. That being said, the sale of non-assault type weapons will probably still keep going strong.

This means that firearm dropship sales is a hot and very profitable niche for you to get into if you want to start a home business online.

Does selling guns mean that you are encouraging people to shoot and kill other people?


It simply means that there is a demand and if you supply that demand, you will make money. What your customers choose to do with any firearms or accessories they might purchase from you is on them, not you.

Here are some snippets from an article in the Huffington Post on December 14, 2012:

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation recorded more than 16.6 background purchases for gun purchases in 2012, the highest number since the FBI began publishing the data in 1998. A record number of requests for background checks for gun buyers went through on Black Friday in November, the FBI reported at the time, in part because of fears that President Barack Obama and other lawmakers would tighten gun control laws.

The FBI does not track actual firearms purchases, and the number of weapons sold could be even higher than the number of background-check calls because customers can purchase multiple guns, USA Today reports.

The firearms industry had a $31.8 billion impact on the economy last year, up from $27.8 billion in 2009, due to job creation, sales and taxes levied on guns, according to data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The firearms industry didn't see much drop off in the recession that hit so many other U.S. businesses. Gun industry-related jobs grew by more than 30% between 2008 and 2011, according to NSSF data cited by Forbes.”

Obviously, this is a hot niche.

If you want a lucrative niche for a home ecommerce business, check out firearm dropship sales today!


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