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10 Tricks & Tips for Organizing Your Dropship Home Business Office

dropship home businessIf you have a dropship home business, you might appreciate a few tips and tricks for getting that valuable work space organized.

Many work at home ecommerce entrepreneurs, no matter how much they love being able to make a living without leaving the house, have a regrettable tendency to treat their home office space as less important than it really is.

After all, this is where you make your living, right? Doesn’t it need to be as good as you can make it?


So, let’s look at some tips and tricks to get your dropship home business office up to speed and help make it well organized in order to maximize your efficiency:

1. If you tend to have big sloppy piles of loose papers lying around and shuffle through them in order to find something, you’re wasting precious time. Make a small investment in some binders, clips, wire organizers and rolodexes to keep everything ship shape and easy to find when you need it.

2. Desk organizers and magnetic erasable labels are heaven sent for busy ecommerce businesses. Using a handy desk organizer, you can sort mail and other important papers by category, date, or however else works for you. Magnetic erasable labels are a boon to a home office because you can attach them to metal filing cabinets, bins or boxes and change them when you need to rename them.

3. Bulletin boards can be your best friends when it comes to organizing your dropship home business office. Get a good supply of push pins and a large or medium sized cork bulletin board and use it to stick notes, reminders or whatever else you want to keep there.

4. Cord organizers are ever so nice and will keep that big, bulky snarl of wires and cords that go to your PC, speakers, printer, fax, copier, etc. all righty-tighty and out of the way.

5. If your dropship home office is challenged for space and more or less a glorified broom closet, go vertical for extra and much needed storage space. Wall shelves will be a huge help to you without taking up any of your floor space. There are all sorts and sizes available and they’re easily installed.

6. Clutter in your dropship home office can seriously interfere with doing the business you need to do. Since your office space is in your home, it can all too easily wind up being the dumping ground for everything that doesn’t seem to have a place of its own anywhere else in the house. If you are reading this and looking around at stacks of out-of-date catalogs, the non-working coconut shell lamp Aunt Maude brought back from a trip to Hawaii in 1950 and bequeathed to you in her will, various half finished craft projects and books nobody really wants to read---get rid of it. Be ruthless. Throw it away and de-clutter your office. It’s hard to have an organized frame of mind when you’re surrounded by a mountain of junk.

7. Organize the things you use the most frequently where they can be easily reached. If you use your printer a lot, for example, keep it close enough to use without getting up.

8. Buy yourself a great calendar. A big one. It can be a desk calendar if you have room for it, or a wall calendar. It doesn’t matter which, but do get one with large squares with ample room for writing on each date. Your calendar can be a lot of help in keeping you abreast of what you need to be doing on a certain day. For example, if your credit or debit card is due to expire by the end of the month, make a notation on the calendar to activate the new one and update your payment info wherever necessary.

9. You must have adequate lighting in your work space. Without it, you can have headaches and even vision problems eventually. It’s best to organize your lighting so that it is wall or ceiling mounted because it keeps it off the floor.

10. Get a good sized storage shelf or wall cabinets to store supplies instead of trying to keep them stacked on your desk or even worse…on the floor. You can use it for copy paper, tape, stamps, paperclips, whatever supplies you use in your dropship home office. You can also use this storage area for things like your PC recovery disk and other related items that need to be kept but don’t really need to be lying around in the way.

Use these 10 handy tips for organizing your dropship home business office and see how much smoother everything runs!


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