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Want to Dropship Fun Products? Try iPads & Accessories!

dropship fun products iPadsIf you want to break way from a humdrum, stodgy niche and dropship fun products, maybe you should take a look at iPads and accessories!

One thing is for sure, iPads are popular and sales are booming!

People all around the world are buying and enjoying iPads, so this should certainly qualify them as fun products. Of course, they are also terribly handy for business use, as well.

This means that you have a broad target market of potential customers if you decide to dropship fun products such as iPads and their accessories.

iPad Accessories

What are iPad accessories?

There are quite a few accessories available for iPads. That being said, the most widely used are these:

  • Cases
  • Docks
  • Ear Phones
  • Stands
  • Portfolios
  • Screen Protectors
  • Display Cases

Bear in mind that the above are only the most used, there are plenty of others you might want to offer in your online dropshipping store or in your eBay or Amazon listings.

Benefits of Accessories

There are some hefty benefits to offering iPad accessories if you are going to be dropshipping iPads. Think about it. If someone is buying an iPad, there is a very good possibility that this customer will also be in the market for a case, stand or other accessory---maybe several accessories.

So, this gives you, an eager beaver ecommerce entrepreneur, a golden opportunity to boost sales by such techniques as:

  • Bundling
  • Cross Selling
  • Up Selling

When you sell someone an iPad and then show them a bundle with desirable accessories at a lower cost than purchasing each item separately, you are likely to close the deal and end up with more sales and profits because you sold multiple items.


Sales Stats for iPads

If you are wondering about how well dropship fun products such as iPads and iPad accessories would perform for you, you’ll probably be interested (and encouraged) by some of these sales stats and info from Apple and Techcrunch.com:

  • Last March, Apple announced sales of 3 million iPads in just 3 days.

  • Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said last year that the firm was forecasting as many as 66 million sales of the new device in 2012, up from the earlier prediction of 60 million.

  • Munster also forecast that Apple will ship 12 million iPads this quarter alone to reach 66 million by year-end. By 2015, that number will reach 176 million, he says.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook noted during the launch of the iPad that Apple sold more iPads in Q4 than any single manufacturer sold in Pcs.

  • Gartner Research showed that PC shipments were on track to grow just 4.4% in 2012 to 368 million units, as consumers would prioritize buying smartphones and tablets over desktops and laptops.

So…..we can safely assume that you will have a red hot niche if you decide to dropship fun products like iPads and their accessories!

Where to Sell iPads and Accessories

Where do you want to sell them?

You can dropship iPads and accessories on eBay. Amazon, Overstock, Bonanza, your own website or any number of other venues. Regardless of your marketplace, you can be sure of a steady flow of traffic and plenty of sales when you dropship fun products like these!


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