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Home Business Idea: Dropshippers for Seniors are Making Money!

dropshippers for seniorsAnyone looking around for a profitable home business idea might do well to consider this: Dropshippers for seniors are making money!

Seniors are one of the best target markets for drop shippers and ecommerce.


Here are just a few of the reasons why drop shippers for seniors consider them a great demographic for sales:

  • Because they’re home a lot instead of being at work during the day.

  • They often have more disposable income than many younger people still working their way up the corporate ladder.

  • They are the fastest growing age group of internet and social community users.

  • Seniors have raised their families and are now ready, able and willing to spend some money on themselves, including buying luxury items.

  • They are the fastest growing segment of the population, so your market will keep expanding. Statistics show that by the year 2017 there will be more people aged 65 and over than children younger than 5, for the first time in history.

As you can easily see, this market is soaring! If it’s a lucrative niche for a money making home business, reshipping for seniors would be hard to beat.

Unfortunately, drop shippers for seniors must overcome the false mindset that unless you are selling hemorrhoid creams, laxatives, bran flakes or denture adhesive, there is no profit in this age group.

The fact is that seniors buy many of the identical products as their younger counterparts. Many times, seniors actually spend more money on the things they want due to the reasons listed above.

If your dropship ecommerce home business offers products that interest seniors, then a good general rule of thumb is that at least 70% of your customers should be over the age of 50. 

If you choose to ignore this segment of the global population, you are missing some of the best paying and most loyal customers to be found on the World Wide Web!

Did you know that seniors, which in this instance means people aged 50 and older, control approximately 70% of the disposable income in the United States?

It’s true!

One third of the country’s population is controlling two thirds of its disposable income. How could anyone fail to see what a red hot market this is?

How can you tap into this rich niche? Simple. Gear some of your as campaigns, promotions, coupons and marketing toward senior citizens. You can dropship basically the same products as you do to younger age groups, but make sure you target seniors specifically for marketing purposes.

This also applies to social media marketing. Seniors are the fastest growing group on Facebook, by the way.

One way to encourage seniors to visit your site is to work on fine tuning the message that you want to send to potential customers in this age group. Be aware that many older people have a highly developed sense of honesty and fair play. These folks will appreciate above board dealings with ecommerce merchants. So, be sure to prominently display trust and safety symbols as well as your contact info.

Ditto for customer testimonials and reviews of your dropship products, both of which may carry a lot of weight with seniors.

Dropshippers for seniors are working from home in an online business and making comfortable livings for themselves, so join their ranks today!


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