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Looking for a Hot Niche? Dropship E-Readers!

dropship e-readerAnybody who is looking around for a red hot niche with tons of potential for profits should consider this suggestion: Dropship e-readers!

E-readers burst onto the consumer scene with a bang and have skyrocketed in global popularity since then, with more and more people discovering the ease and convenience of these lightweight readers that make holding a cumbersome, heavy, hardback print book seem a poor choice as a way to read.

This is not to say that print books will ever go out of style, because they won’t. As king as there are folks who want to need to read books, print books will be with us.

That being said, a lot of avid readers who have tried an e-reader are hooked on this new fangled way of keeping abreast of current publications, as well as the classics.

Ebooks for E-Readers

What kind of ebooks are available for e-readers?

Virtually any kind anybody might possibly want. Ebooks are published in such genres as:

  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Detective
  • Crime
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Christian
  • Western
  • Gay and Lesbian
  • Adult
  • Humor
  • How-To
  • Self Help
  • Historical
  • Educational
  • And More

Regardless of what genre someone is interested in reading, there are ebooks aplenty. This is a huge help to keeping e-reader sales soaring and a prime opportunity for an ecommerce entrepreneur who longs to work from home in an online business.

E-Reader Sales Stats

When choosing a niche for a home dropship business, it is wise to do a little research and check out---among other things---the sales stats of the product or products you are thinking of selling online.

Here are some statistics about e-reader sales:

  • BookNet Canada announced in October that digital sales made up 16% of the Canadian book market with 14% of book buyers going digital only.

  • BITKOM, a German IT trade group, released their estimates for ereader sales in Germany last fall. They expect over 800,000 units sold in 2012, which is more than triple (334%) the estimated sales in 2011. The sales value is believed to be an increase of 163% to 78 million euros, considerably higher than in 2011.

  • Worldwide sales of e-readers have grown by leaps and bounds, from 12 million in 2010 to 14.7 million in 2011, with ownership of e-readers projected at 15.5 million in 2012 and 30 million by 2015.

  • The digital reading public is a fast growing market, with 43% of Americans aged 16 and older reading an ebook or long form digital content in 2011.

  • People who read ebooks read more books. Those with e-readers will read an average of 24 books in a year, compared to only 15 books in a year for those who don’t own an e-reader.

dropship e-readersWhat do these stats mean to you? In a nutshell, they mean that this really is a niche with enormous possibilities if you dropship e-readers!
Dropshipping is an ideal home business for online sales! Fast, easy and very low cost to start-up; you can select the e-readers you want to sell from a reputable wholesale product source and be in business almost immediately, making sales and money.

Dropship e-readers and start living the good life with your own home business!


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