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Dropship Hunting Knives for a Great Home Business Niche

dropship hunting knivesIf you are in the market for a great home business niche in ecommerce, you can dropship hunting knives for lots of sales and profits!

If you are unfamiliar with the subject of hunting knives, you might appreciate a brief bit of back story about their history, to help you better understand why they have been popular for thousands of years and remain very popular items today.

History of Hunting Knives

Back in the dawn of civilization, our cave dwelling forebears faced some pretty tough challenges when it came to eating and just staying alive.

Without guns or even bows and arrows to help slay animals for food and self protection, what was left?

You guessed it: the hunting knife.

In the beginning, these prehistoric ancestors of ours sat around the cave, laboriously chipping away stone with another piece of stone to fashion a crude weapon. The knife was the first crude weapon ever designed and created by mankind.

Going after a saber toothed tiger, cave bear or mammoth must have been really scary and required a bravery seldom seen today. Of course, needs must and all that; so these early, primitive people didn’t have a whole lot of choice.

It boiled down to eat or be eaten and throughout the centuries, humans have been quite resourceful when faced with this dilemma. Hunting knives played a huge role in the perpetuation and survival of mankind.

Nowadays, with so many modern weapons and marvels of technology to help man track down and kill his chosen prey while hunting, you might not think---if you thought about it all---that hunting knives see much use.


There are hunting knives galore and a large target market from all around the world who buy, collect and use them. This offers a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to build a successful home business with a good niche.

Types of Hunting Knives

There are various types of hunting knives. Some aficionados collect one type, while other collect or use all types. Here are some of the types available if you decide to dropship hunting knives:

  • Fixed Blade: Just as the name suggests, this hunting knife has a fixed blade; meaning it can’t be repositioned or folded. They are usually fairly large and heavy, besides being razor sharp. This affords you a wonderful opportunity for cross selling and bundling, since many buyers who purchase fixed blade hunting knives will also want a scabbard or sheath to use with them, in order to avoid being cut.

  • Folding Blade: Folding blade knives fold. They are generally much smaller than fixed blade knives and are often used most for pocket knives.

  • Lockback Folding Knives: These knives snap into a locked position when opened to prevent them from folding when you don’t want them to and maybe causing injury.

Where to Dropship Hunting Knives

You can pretty well count on being able to dropship hunting knives anywhere in the internet.

This means Amazon, eBay, Overstock, your won website or whatever venue you choose.

This is a hot niche with enough of a target market to ensure you earn a comfortable living working from home, so dropship hunting knives and start living large!


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