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Looking for a Hot Niche? Dropship Air Guns for Home Business Profits!


Anybody who is dreaming of the day when they can say “Adios” to a low paying, stressful job in favor of working from home might do well to consider this profitable niche for ecommerce: dropship air guns for big profits!

If you want to get off the daily treadmill of working in the public sector and start living the good life working from home, all it takes is some common sense, determination, good work ethics and last but not least---a lucrative niche.

So much depends on the niche you choose for ecommerce!

You might have the best work ethics imaginable, be positively overflowing with determination and have a head full of common sense; but without a niche that will supply you with enough sales to earn a comfortable living---your home business is dead in the water.

Air guns are undoubtedly a hot niche! Their popularity is increasing as time goes on, with more and more consumers buying them.

What are Air Guns?

dropship air guns

If you have heard of air guns but know somewhere between diddly and squat about what they are, here is a great bit of info from good old Wikipedia, the web’s free encyclopedia:

“An air gun is a rifle (air rifle), pistol (air pistol), or shotgun that fires projectiles by means of compressed air or other gas, in contrast to a firearm which fires projectiles by means of a burning propellant. Most air guns use metallic projectiles as ammunition. A few use arrows. Air guns that only use plastic projectiles are classified as air soft guns.”

Air guns are the oldest pneumatic weapon, or pneumatic technology, period.
Currently, the oldest air gun, dating back to around 1580, is in a museum in Stockholm. Later on, round about the 17th century, air guns were used to hunt game such as wild boars and deer.

Later, air guns were used in warfare and had some distinct advantages over the weaponry of the era; in that they could be fired regardless of wet weather and one could shoot faster than with muzzle loading guns.

Perhaps one of the best examples of an air gun---that almost everyone is familiar with---is a BB gun.

What are Air Guns Used for Today?

Nowadays, air guns have a variety of uses:

  • Hunting
  • Pest Control (think rats)
  • Plinking, also known as recreational shooting
  • Competitive Sports

Obviously, hunting with an air gun should be done with some forethought as to your target. Going after a rhino or a grizzly bear, for instance, would probably be suicidal with an air gun. However, there are many game hunters---even big game hunters--- who are air gun devotees and, along with consumers from the other user groups, would provide you with a large target market.

There are multiple types of air guns, including:

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic
  • Single Stroke
  • Multi-Stroke
  • Pneumatic

This isn’t such a broad niche that you would need to drill down within it to develop a sub-niche; you should be able to dropship air guns of several or all types.

If you want to start enjoying your job by being your own boss and have financial as well as personal freedom by working from home, dropship air guns for plenty of profits!


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